Glasgow’s Good Samaritan spotted schoolchildren through the floodwaters using a cart


A Good Samaritan from Glasgow was showered with praise after he was spotted carrying schoolchildren through the floodwaters using a shopping trolley.

The anonymous woman took action to help young people cross a flooded section of street in Summerston so they could get to class at local Parkview Primary and John Paul Academy schools.

As Glasgow Live reported, the area under the Sandbank Street rail bridge – known for its flooding – was made impassable by the heavy rains that hit Glasgow on Wednesday, with two cars left in flood waters by their owners .

Community group No1seems2care was alerted by a member of the public to the woman’s actions and shared news of them on their Facebook page yesterday (October 28).

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The Facebook post read: “This lady is using a shopping cart to take children through the floods to get them to their schools in the Summerston area.

“We are told that she was soaked, but that she did it several times to put her children and other children in the water. Thank you, whoever you are. We appreciate what you have done, as well as those who have witnessed your actions. “

One person replied, “If you let me know who she is, I’ll gladly buy her a bunch of flowers or something.”

And another wrote: “What an absolute treasure of a lady. I bet all the kids had so much fun too and they made it to school thanks to this lovely shapely lady.”

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