What YOU would like to see happen to the Beales Building

However, as reported earlier this week, plans for the building’s transformation have been revealed exclusively to the Daily Echo.

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The program, which is still in its infancy, includes a rooftop garden, an indoor pool and a gym.

Developers say they are preparing a proposal that “will facilitate downtown revitalization.”

The Bournemouth Echo has invited readers to tell us what they would like to see happen with the Beales building.

We received nearly 250 comments.

Here is a selection of responses. What would you like to see become of Beales?

Let us know below in the comments.

1.John Lewis.

2. Skating rink on the ground floor.

3. Independent cinema and individual shops.

4. A covered market.

5. A space to rent for free so that community groups can meet and hold activities.

6. Permanent ice rink please, it’s obvious from the popularity of the Christmas one how much this would bring to Bournemouth!

7. Pop-ups for local small businesses or maybe an indoor food market. Once again by supporting local artisanal products.

8. A real dance hall… Like Blackpool. Let’s all learn to dance again and have a beautiful ballroom. We need to have fun after this Covid thing.

9. Indoor sports for younger kids to keep them from getting the bad reputation they all started. How about an indoor trampoline, climbing wall, video games, for all handicaps, because there is nothing to do with exceptional quality and prices for them.

10. Open food displays and shopping stalls indoors. Make this area a food court and make it bright and attractive.

11. The ground floor would be easy to lease for retail…good space. Upper floors should be a combination of quality accommodation and food.

12. To be honest, I’d like to see a retro game store or something that everyone can enjoy.

13. Something we absolutely must see in Bournemouth town center is an ice rink! Locals and visitors alike need something worthy of a popular beach town…something to do when the weather is bad. Maybe an indoor play center. The space is huge, but let’s use it for the community.

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14. People say all kinds of things, including Premier Inn. Most people who are here for a holiday spend a day in the mall which is not possible in Bournemouth as there are very few shops. Make the shops easier to pay the rents, fill the main street with decent shops, which take care of the days and all the pubs and clubs take care of the nights.

15. A permanent ice rink or an indoor swimming pool with slides and wave machine like there were at BIC.

16. A soft play center for children and babies would be ideal as none are available in the town centre.

17. A kind of natural history museum or science museum. A mega softplay park and trampoline. Indoor dog park with dog pool and agility.

18. Gym, swimming pool, international restaurants, sky bar, brand stores, healthy cafes.. djs…. music…. Art gallery…. Something cool.. Personally, I would create different spaces and each space could be a country. So, for example, a simulation of Spain, with Spanish architecture and food music DJs… Then another space could be France, Italy, Greece, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, etc. And the children could learn a bit about different cultures walking around the building, tasting different dishes, etc. .. The experience should be like an immersion of different colors, tastes, smells… Like a journey.

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19. A museum. It’s time Bournemouth got a proper museum telling the story of this relatively new but very interesting town.

20. Make it a covered market for fresh fruit and butchers etc.

21. Ice rink or bingo.

22. Turn the top floor into nhs as this will take the pressure off the hospital as it did at poole centre.

23. Turn the whole area of ​​the old Christchuch road into a West Quay shopping center with John Lewis shops and food stores, M&S stores, Victoria Secrets etc. and bring jobs back to locals.

24. We desperately need a domestic market for antiques and collectables.

25. A Wilkos floor. A one-story covered market, perhaps a pet store, dog groomers, an indoor play area for children, and many more independent retailers could find floor space.

26. Houses…let’s stop building on the greenbelt when there is an answer to the housing problem under our noses…same for unused offices.

27. Some good restaurants with terraces. This is the way to go.

28. A department store, or maybe a New Look boutique would be nice.

29. Bring the likes of Camden Market to replace.

30. Science Center/Interactive Museum.

31. Indoor skate park.

32. Massive nightclub and restaurants.

33. Art studios, exhibition spaces and spaces for workshops and other activities (for all ages). For a reasonable price (for rent).

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