The Good Samaritans rush to shoot casualty aid at Park City Center shopping mall – CBS Philly


LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS) – A husband and wife open up to CBS3 after stepping into action during the Sunday afternoon shootout at the Park City Center Mall. Scott and Brenda Mosser were inside a cell phone store when the shooting happened just after 3 p.m.

“Everyone was in complete panic,” Scott Mosser said.

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The eyewitness video showing the chaotic moments when the gunfire first went out.

“I heard the screams first and foremost,” Brenda told CBS3.

“All of a sudden everyone was running towards Boscov’s,” Scott said, describing it as “a stampede of people.”

After a few seconds of silence, Scott heard the shooting start again.

“I heard of five more shots,” he said. “It started then it stopped, then it started, then it stopped.”

The incident began when several men got into a fight, the Lancaster City Police Office said in a statement on Sunday evening. One of the men was armed and fired several shots. Four people were treated for gunshot wounds.

Around this time, Scott went to the main shopping center, where several people were injured and lying on the floor. He recorded the scene as it unfolded and texted Brenda when she was sure. She is a nurse.

“She was coming up, running, and it looked like a guy had people to help her. The other guy didn’t, so she was helping the other teenager, ”he said.

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Brenda told Eyewitness News that she had taken care of one of the gunmen, saying: “The one I was taking care of was 18 years old and he had an entry and exit wound in the top of the thigh.”

Two people were injured as they fled the area. Police said not all injuries were life threatening.

Scott told CBS3 that he remembers seeing a woman “sort of hobble” in the mall.

“I guess everyone panicked and they were pushing and pushing everyone aside,” he said.

As police continue to investigate, these Good Samaritans have said they are grateful it doesn’t get worse – and hope they’ve done their part.

“I did what I could,” said Brenda.

Scott said the couple heard from family members of the man being helped by Brenda.

“We got a message from the grandmother of the boy she was helping,” he said. “We were just thankful that she was there to help us.”

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The mall will be closed until Monday, authorities said. Anyone with information should call the Lancaster Town Police Office at 717-735-3301.

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