Goodbye Pier One, say hello to a new Kennewick store …


The old Kennewick Pier One store is undergoing renovations and a new store will soon take its place.

It is a prime location on Columbia Center Boulevard and it will soon have a new store in the old location of the old Pier One.

What new stores are coming to Kennewick?

Ulta Beauty will soon be the new tenant.

Ulta Beauty already has a location on Columbia Center Boulevard, but the lease for that property has just expired, allowing the store to move to its new location.

Will Ulta Beauty leave its current location?

It has not been noted in the published reports whether the two stores will coexist or whether the new store will also be the new location.

The Ulta Beauty store will be in front of TJ Maxx and Bed Bath and Beyond as part of the Columbia Square group of companies.

Ultra Beauty opened in 2012 at its current location near the old Toys R Us store, but may relocate to the new location.

The buyer of the old Pier One property is investing more than $ 1 million in the new Ulta Beauty building.

When will the new Ulta beauty store open in Kennewick?

It’s unclear when the new Ulta Beauty will open in Kennewick, but it will join a bunch of other businesses in Columbia Square, including Men’s Warehouse, Eye Mart, and Fed-Ex.

You can read more details about the new store here

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