Store continues to put its heart into a great shopping experience


The Boksburg Food Lover’s Market at North Rand Road is one year old on Heritage Day (September 24).

Senior Manager Dean Sassmann said it has been a year of constant learning and improvement for the team as they got to know the wants and needs of their buyers better.

“We have listened to our customers and taken into account all comments and suggestions, negative and positive. I believe we grew up in and with the community of Boksburg, ”he said.

He added that they always attract new customers on a daily basis and experience good customer interaction on Facebook and Instagram.
Giving back to the community will continue to be a priority for the team and various charities have already benefited from the support and donations of in-store initiatives.
The store also contributed to job creation and now employs 260 people.

“Our location has always been the perfect location and perfectly suited to the Food Lover’s brand; there is synergy with the community, ”said Sassmann.
“Our goal in opening the store at North Rand Road was to uplift the community by providing a quality shopping experience with more variety and accessibility.”

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They have done well with the growth of their specialty counters, offering everything from sushi to loaves of bread, confectionery, ready meals, paninis and shawarmas, and also offer full catering “to lighten the burden”, as Sassmann mentioned.

“Covid-19 protocols continue to be strictly enforced, including washing the carts once a week. We urge our customers to support us in our efforts by wearing a mask correctly in store, maintaining social distancing and sanitization. “
A nice addition to their offering is home delivery within a 5 km radius of the store soon. Buyers will be able to place orders through Whatsapp.

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