Shaylee Gonzales partners with vintage clothing store Thrifthood

Pre-game photos are a popular type of social media post among college and professional sports teams. These pre-game outfits give fans another reason to cheer on their favorite athletes on and off the pitch while showing off their personality and style.

Of the many teams showing off their swag on social media, the one hitting closer to home is none other than BYU’s No. 18-ranked women’s basketball team.

Amid a 14-1 season with high hopes of tournament play, BYU’s women’s basketball team is not only one of the most successful teams on campus, but also one of the most forward -gardeners. BYU women’s hoopers are showing off their pre-game cuts for everyone from Nike and Jordan to Chanel and Gucci to enjoy.

Fullback Shaylee Gonzales is one of the stars of the women’s basketball team who is particularly proud of her style. Along with averaging 18.5 points per game, Gonzales is a consistent feature in pre-game outfit positions and a force for good among the worlds of fashion, social media and basketball. .

“It’s just another way of expressing myself personally,” Gonzales said of the pre-game “fit” trend. “I love fashion and clothes, so being able to release what I love to wear and my fashion is just my personality.”

Gonzales also noted how teams in the WNBA and other leagues use pregame tweaks not just as a way to showcase their individual personalities, but also as a way to increase excitement around the game. and players.

“It’s super fun before the game,” Gonzales said. “I feel like it’s super exciting getting your outfit ready to take pictures with your teammates.”

One of the best parts? Showing off your fits can actually pay off. With name, image and likeness offerings now available for athletes, fashion is no longer just a hobby. Gonzales recently announced his NIL deal with local company Provo Thrifthood, using his high profile as a Division I athlete to bring attention to small business.

Gonzales is required to post information about Thrifthood on his social media and promote the brand by wearing their apparel as part of the deal.

“Thrifthood is a community of people who love fashion and looks, but are also sustainable for the planet with vintage clothing,” said co-founder Albee Bostrom.

Within two years, what started as friends reselling clothes in their basement has become one of the hottest stores in Utah County. With a focus on vintage clothing from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, Thrifthood aims to not only provide unique style options for those who shop there, but also a family and friendship oriented environment.

“Gonzales fits our mold perfectly,” co-owner Warren McDade said. “If she wasn’t a basketball player, I feel like she would work here as an employee because she also fits all of our personalities, like a family.”

Shaylee Gonzales wears her Thrifthood outfit in promotional photos. Through a name, likeness and likeness agreement, Gonzales now represents Thrifthood. (Saving)

Gonzales was a frequent customer at Thrifthood even before the recent deal and caught the brand’s attention when NIL deals started popping up nationwide.

“The first thought for a deal was a woman, and then it was just Shaylee,” McDade said. “Her personality is fun, it’s great, and she always says, ‘I want to get into styling more too. “”

In Thrifthood’s Instagram post announcing their partnership, the caption reads that Gonzales is a “bucket-getter, trailblazer and avid advocate for community representation.”

The two consider the deal to be mutually beneficial, as Gonzales seeks to broaden her fashion horizons and Thrifthood builds a larger customer and follower base through the BYU star’s 79,000 Instagram followers.

Thrifthood said the added exposure of Gonzales’ partnership with them has caught the attention of other athletes across the country looking for fashion-related deals in the NIL space.

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