Relive the good old days of shopping in Birmingham in 25 stunning old photographs

Whether it’s shopping or getting the bare necessities, shopping plays an important role in our lives. As a big city, we’ve done a lot too.

Today, you can have almost anything you need delivered tonight or tomorrow. Back then, it was shoes, a big zip-up coat, and whatever weather the British skies decided to bless you that day.

There was also a large amount of choice. Back when the giant international corporations hadn’t taken over every high street and city center, you could find all kinds of businesses selling all kinds of things and for all kinds of people.

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That said, it’s always been the big city center stores that have gotten everyone into a shopping frenzy here. Rackhams still holds a dear place in our hearts – and who can forget how shoppers swarmed the C&A when it opened?

We’ve taken a look through our archives and selected a bunch of old photos of Brummies going about their business with their wallets and purses over the decades. From the 60s to the 90s, there is something here for every happy customer.

Need to refresh your wardrobe? Our photos show the expansive halls of the M&S in the High Street town center in the 1970s, complete with the patterned carpets of the era.

Need spare parts to repair your 60s car? There used to be a big spare parts store in a Birmingham arcade where you could buy anything from a new headlamp to a brand new motor – good luck getting one at home, though.

And of course, many photos of stores lost over the years. These include one of Britain’s favorites in BHS, as well as a High Street store now only found in Australia.

Take a look below to remember the good old days of successful brick and mortar stores. And let us know your favorites!

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