Closure of a jewelry store; customers unable to collect the goods

A Gold Coast jeweler upset some of his customers after agreeing to repair and sell their jewelry on consignment and then fail to return their pieces after his store closed.

Inca Gold Jewelers unexpectedly closed in August, leaving customers unable to retrieve jewelry they allegedly left with company owner Robert Dalton. Lorraine James, a disgruntled customer, said she was told Dalton had “defaulted on rent” and was kicked from the premises.

It is claimed that Dalton sent a letter to customers, saying he was unable to enter his store “due to unpaid rents”, and that he hoped this matter would be resolved as soon as possible.

However, three months later, there is still no resolution, leaving some people frustrated.

A customer, Monica Griffiths, supplied Dalton with more than 25 gold jewelry in January for sale on consignment, and more than six months after Dalton had only sold one item, Griffiths was unable to collect the rest. The jewelry would be valued at $ 8,000.

Griffiths said A topical matter, “I feel there will be no resolution to this,” explaining that she called Dalton on several occasions, and that he never returned her calls.

Other customers managed to contact Dalton, who twice arranged to meet them at the store so they could pick up their jewelry. Dalton didn’t show up every time, first claiming the area was a COVID hotspot, and later that he was too sick to meet.

Complaints filed through official channels have uncovered some information, including the fact that Dalton does not have a current used dealer license.

When contacted by Nine News, Dalton said he couldn’t return his customers’ jewelry because the store’s locks had been changed.

However, management staff at the center refuted the claim and said A topical matter that Dalton “failed to show up at Helensvale Plaza at the agreed time for the purpose of decommissioning the rental”.

Unhappy customers have contacted both the media and the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, hoping to resolve the issue.


Robert Dalton, owner of Inca Gold Jewelers Image: An ongoing case

Monica Griffiths, brought 25 jewels worth over $ 8,000 to Inca Gold Jewelers to sell on consignment.
Image: An ongoing case

Letter from Robert Dalton to client advising of lockout due to unpaid rent.
Image: Côte d’Or Bulletin

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