16 quick weekend projects to increase the curb appeal of your home


Advice: If your gardening skills are non-existent, consider a high-quality artificial plant. You might be surprised by their realism!

5. Hide your pipe

Many of us have a pipe in front of our house that we don’t put away because we use it so often. As convenient as it is, some form of hose storage will eliminate the visual clutter of an unwound hose.

If you have the right power tools, you can mount a pipe rack on a wall, but if you don’t want to punch holes in your home – or are looking for an easier project – a pipe pot will also work.

A free and temporary solution is to simply unscrew your hose from the faucet and store it in the garage. This can be a good option if you just want to impress your guests in the short term and aren’t looking for a long term solution.

6. Eliminate weeds

Weeds are another nuisance that you may have stopped noticing if you see them day in and day out. Pulling them out can be a ton of work, and it won’t work in the long run unless you remove all the roots.

There are, however, natural ways to kill weeds using substances you already have around the house. Vinegar, salt, and dish soap can help you kill unwanted plants. Check out DIY recipes and application tips online.

For weeds in your lawn, adjusting your watering and mowing habits can also help limit weed growth in the future.

7. Add natural mulch

In flower beds and gardens, a thick layer of mulch will help keep the weeds you just pulled out from pushing back. The sunlight-blocking power of the mulch also retains soil moisture so you can water less and keep your plants healthy.

You’ll want to do some research to determine the best type of mulch for your plants and climate, how far away from your trees and plants it can be, and what types of mulch are safest for people and pets.

8. Replace light fixtures

Replacing your old outdoor light fixtures with more modern ones can help update the look of your home. It involves some electrical work, so you might want to hire an electrician. However, if you’re comfortable learning basic electrical safety, reading instructions, and watching a few videos, replacing light fixtures can be an easy DIY job.

For an even more fun change, use smart bulbs in your new fixtures. You can control them via WiFi and change their color and brightness with your smartphone.

9. Completely clean, touch up or repaint your front door

Your front door gets dirty and discolored over time as it is exposed to the elements 24/7. Sometimes just cleaning it with a damp cloth will make a big difference, but other times your door will need a paint job to look its best.

Painting your front door in a bright color that matches other colors on the exterior of your home can make your home stand out and potentially increase your home’s value.

The ideal way to get the job done will be to remove the door and hardware, fill and sand any cracks, paint, and then reinstall the door. But you can also paint it in place by taping off the hardware and laying a drop sheet to prevent paint drips and spills from damaging your porch.

10. Clean and polish or change the hardware of the front door

So many things in our homes can seem like they need replacing because we’ve never cleaned them properly, and door hardware definitely falls into that category. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a mixture of dish soap and water.

For issues that go beyond surface dirt, you’ll need to know what material the doorknob is made of. Coated or plated hardware may require different cleaning approaches than solid metal. If your door hardware has corroded due to factors like humidity or salty air, it is probably best to replace it.

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11. Prune flowers and shrubs

You should be able to improve your curb appeal by removing dead parts from your flowers, shrubs, and hedges. If you can reshape them, even better!

You may also need to remove plants that can no longer be collected and add new ones. Planting new flowers in full bloom is a great way to quickly add color to your landscape.

12. Wash your concrete under pressure

To remove stains and mildew from hard surfaces around your home, like your patio and driveway, try pressure washing. With the right detergents and degreasers, you can remove years of dirt. Better yet, this is one of those home improvement projects that you can complete in a day.

You can borrow a pressure washer from a neighbor or rent one from a home improvement store. Follow the instructions carefully so as not to injure yourself. Additionally, some materials can be damaged by pressure washing, so do your research first or hire a professional.

13. Hire a tree pruner

Having your trees professionally pruned can make a big difference in your appeal.

An arborist will know how to shape your trees to look their best. They can also keep your trees healthy by thinning out enough branches to improve air circulation and addressing any issues that may weaken your trees.

Also, it’s a good idea to identify any trees or branches that might be in danger of falling during a storm, and then take care of them quickly. A house that has been partially crushed by a tree is not a pretty sight.

14. Beautify your garage door

If you have a traditional raised panel garage door, you can add decorative or “dummy” hardware to make it more attractive. These handles and hinges have no functional function, but add visual interest. There are also kits that allow you to add simulated windows.

Give your door a drivable style, a Mid-Century modern or contemporary look to go with the rest of your home. Just be sure to install the embellishments in a way that will not affect the ability of the door to open and close smoothly.

15. Style your mailbox

Maybe a professional can build you a custom stone mailbox in a weekend, but for a more affordable DIY upgrade, you have a few options.

If you have a metal mailbox, try cleaning it and spray painting it. You can also order decals, letters and numbers to personalize your mailbox. Or maybe decorate your mailbox by adding plants and flowers around it.

Keep in mind that you will need to prune them periodically and you may not want to plant anything that attracts a lot of bees (like lavender) so you don’t have to worry about getting stung. when you check the mail.

16. Attach house numbers

You can make sure your address is visible on your home by replacing the old house numbers or installing new ones. It’s also a way to ensure that emergency services can locate your home and that someone else’s packages don’t fall on your doorstep. Kits are available online in all different styles.

Increasing your curb appeal is a great way to get more money when selling your home. But even if you’re not selling, beautifying the exterior of your home will increase your pride in owning and create a more welcoming experience for your guests. And once you see the results of your first project, you’ll probably feel inspired to do even more.

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