Vogue’s Editors’ Guide to Los Angeles

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Valenti

If you are in Venice, plan a cozy date or group meal in Casablanca. The old-school vibe (it’s an homage to Bogie’s Casablanca from top to bottom, need I say more?), the delicious Cali-Mexican food, and the relaxed atmosphere inviting you to while away the hours…that encompasses so much of what I love about diners in Los Angeles My favorite order is their signature seafood brazier, which comes in a large hot clay pot, with too many margaritas served in their traveling cart well stocked. -Lauren Valenti

It’s particularly difficult to get a reservation here, but it’s worth the wait. Nestled in the Arts District, Bavel pays homage to its owners’ Middle Eastern roots in an earthy multi-room space. From first course to last drink cocktails, you can’t go wrong here, if you can get in. — Elisee Browchuk

At lunchtime, I often head to Honey Hi (like the song Fleetwood Mac), a little sidewalk cafe in Echo Park with healthy, yet hearty, and tasty offerings to explore on all levels. I usually choose the fig jam and sourdough toast or the miso bowl with its addictive ginger dressing and pair it with one of their unique spiced drinks, like the dragon fruit lemonade. -Lauren Valenti

Admittedly, I have a very bad sweet tooth, so my first trip to Salt & Straw doubled in one day. Handmade yogurt is always perfect for cooling off before heading back to the beach. —Cassandre Pintro

Gjelina is the reason people changed their minds about ordering pizza in LA. Naturally, this Abbot Kinney staple ferments its dough the California way. Don’t forget to order a dozen oysters and a side of grilled vegetables with your za. Believe me, this is the norm. — Elisha Browchuk

Humberto Leon’s family restaurant in Eagle Rock is one of my favorite places to eat in LA. The Dan Dan Mian is so good that I wish it was delivered to New York! —Steff Yotka

What do Judge Judy, Ellen DeGeneres, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have in common? They all dined the same night as me at Craig’s, a Hollywood A-list adopted restaurant. Can’t get a reservation? You’ll probably be lucky to find a seat at the bar. Although I can’t guarantee that Judge Judy will be there. —Molly Barstein

Or buy

Courtesy of Elisee Browchuk

On Lincoln Boulevard, bouquets of dried flowers and fresh flowers welcome you at the doors of Flowerboy Project. Order a specialty latte and donut before exploring their eclectic selection of local and imported produce. There’s something for everyone in this one-of-a-kind boutique, from home decor to fine jewelry. — Elisha Browchuk

Dries Van Noten’s LA store is always my first stop after landing in LA. He has created a beautiful environment with archive rooms that sell vintage pieces from past collections. It is impossible to visit and not buy something. — Steff Yotka, Global Director of Social Media

Part gourmet deli, part bookstore, part post office, part interior design destination, part fine jewelry house, this multi-boutique complex is not your average country market. With retailers like Christian Louboutin, goop and Doen, the Brentwood Country Market offers a little taste of everything in a laid-back setting where you’re likely to spot a celebrity mum or model on leave. — Elisha Browchuk

As a vintage obsessive, few vintage stores go back as far with their items as I would like. Call me old-fashioned, but the Aughts aren’t classed as vintage. Fortunately, LA (and its old Hollywood roots) understands this and the vintage shops in this city, vintage means vintage! Top of my shopping list is Happy Isles. Located in Beverly Hills, it’s a well-curated place where 1950s prom dresses mix with 1980s pointy-shoulder blazers and I’m in heaven. —Lilah Ramzi

Looking for an 80s Mugler mini dress? A 70s Halston dress? A Christian Dior suit from the 60s? Look no further than The Way We Wore, one of the best vintage experiences in the United States. The incredible selection allows for a sartorial journey through time. —Ian Malone

Goodies has a marble, ceramic or wood solution for all of your housewares needs. This specialty store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica makes shopping for your kitchen needs truly enjoyable. Did I mention everything is under $25? — Elisha Browchuk

Despite Emily Bode’s Brooklyn base, the brand feels right at home in California. Patterned, patchwork and hand-embroidered pieces are perfect for the city of angels. The recently opened West Coast flagship offers the entire current collection, as well as exclusive pieces. Bode is a wardrobe necessity for any cool boy (or girl). —Ian Malone

The department store elevates retail to experimental heights with its LA location. The 11,000 square foot building, designed by Sir David Adjaye, is clad in signature pink concrete. The spectacular selection of clothing in a futuristic setting will satisfy the most demanding customers and inspire the most sophisticated. —Ian Malone

Disguised as an everyday fast-paced store, this concept store showcases some of the most sought-after streetwear brands. Among off-brand cleaning products and products staged as accessories, you’ll find pieces from CVFF finalist Reese Cooper, Junya Watanabe, Engineered Garments and Comme des Garçons. — Elisha Browchuk

What to do

The view from Cinespia

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Valenti

Among the most memorable experiences I’ve had in Los Angeles are my trips to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespia’s impeccably curated outdoor movie screenings, which run the gamut from classics to delicious deep cuts. From hiking with your picnic supplies (always bring more wine and blankets than you think you’ll need) to finding a spot on the grounds, it’s a very common, very LA experience. Make sure you arrive in time to admire the sublime sunset in full! -Lauren Valenti

It wouldn’t be a trip to LA without a visit to the Griffith Observatory. Not only was it the site of Adele’s “One Night Only” performance last year, but it offers one of the best views in Los Angeles. It is also a romantic place; if you’re traveling with a special someone, this can be a great place to bring them for the perfect time. —Julie Tong

This three-room institution is the first-ever stand-up-only comedy club. He saw all the greats like Robin Williams, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Bob Saget before their glory days and continues to put on some of the best comics in the whole country. If you’re lucky, an industry legend might show up for a surprise set. — Elisha Browchuk

There’s an abandoned Nazi camp in Santa Monica and it’s an interesting way to incorporate a piece of history into your workout. And it is indeed a workout; the hike involves a staircase that feels like an eternity. Elsewhere, the remaining infrastructure is covered in graffiti and overgrown greenery. Built in the 1930s by Nazi sympathizers who sought refuge in the Pacific Stockades, Murphy’s Ranch is a hike, or at least a Google. —Lilah Ramzi

If you’re looking for an immersive art solution, look no further; LACMA holds some of the most experiential modern arts the Sunny State has to offer. But if you don’t arrive early, your only experience may be a long line of eager spectators. —Cassandre Pintro

Unbeknownst to me at the time, The West Hollywood EDITION spa was where I enjoyed my last massage before the pandemic shutdown. Luckily, it also turned out to be one of the best spa treatments I’ve ever had, which helped me out for the next 18 months. The CBD + Sticks and Stones massage was indulgent, included a hydrating lip and eye mask, and felt suitably “THE wellness” in its vibe. The spa itself is a quiet, soothing cream stone oasis away from the bustle of Sunset Boulevard. When visiting during awards season, I plan to book for the EDITION custom facial which promises a red carpet ready complexion and is the longest treatment I could find on the menu. No excuse to linger! – Laura Patterson, Senior Director of Experiences

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