Republicans disagree on infrastructure bill as vote looms


“We are working to keep this number as low as possible,” he said.

Some Republicans in the House who are members of the bipartite Problem Solvers Caucus announced their support for the measure, including Representatives Tom Reed of New York, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Don Bacon of Nebraska.

Rep. Don Young, Republican from Alaska and longest-serving House member, on Monday announced his support for a passionate speech in the House.

Another member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, Rep. John Katko, Republican of New York, said on Wednesday that he too would vote for the bill.

“For me, this is inherently bipartisan, it is good policy, and we should all vote for it,” he said.

But so far, such statements are few. On Wednesday, Third Way, a centrist Democratic group backed by business, published a harrowing letter its president had written to 26 Republican “problem solvers” demanding that they live up to their name.

“You ran for office and raised money for the campaign by promising that you are there to solve the nation’s problems and put the country ahead of the party,” wrote Third Way chairman Jonathan Cowan. “Anything other than declaring your support now and voting for the bill, in turn, would make it clear to your constituents that you are supporting nothing more than bogus bipartisanship. “

Representative Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat from Florida who is part of the Problem Solver Caucus, lobbied her leaders to cut the social policy bill. On Wednesday, she ranted that Republicans in the caucus did not oppose their leaders in the same way. When asked where these Republicans were on the bill, she replied, “That’s a great question.”

Moderate Democrats say as many as 20 Republican votes could materialize if Ms Pelosi manages to convince enough Liberals to keep him close. But Washington Representative Pramila Jayapal, leader of the Progressive Congressional Caucus and leader of efforts to prevent the Liberals from voting for the bill, said on Wednesday that would not happen.

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