RIP Pot Roast, the TikTok chat of our dreams

A trouble-free cat queen died today, having recently been diagnosed with IVF.

PotRoastsMoma basic account of any good TikTok algorithm, announced early Thursday morning that his cat Pot Roast had passed away.

“My little bird flew away at 11:47 this morning”, she wrote in text above a video of her holding her cat. “When I saw Pot Roast this morning I felt she was done fighting and even though I wasn’t done fighting for her I let her go. She fell asleep in my arms.”

Pot Roast had recently tested positive for FIV, which came as a shock to Pot Roast’s mother, who told her 930,000 followers on TikTok that the cat’s FIV had progressed through her bone marrow. Pot Roast was “living on borrowed time”.

“In the end, it was just her and me,” @potroastsmom continued on Thursday. “And I’m grateful for every moment we spent together.”

It comes a few hours later she posted that her cat was in the veterinary hospital for a blood transfusion after suffering a seizure due to low blood sugar. A few days before that, she posted that she felt it was coming to an end for her cat, who was spending “lots of time on the bathroom floor these days with pottypads and high calorie wet foods“So She Fed Pot Roast”two cans of tuna and three cat gogurts“, some of the cat’s favorite things.

Pot Roast’s mother found Pot Roast in 2014 during her sophomore year at Missouri University of Science and Technology. According to The Pitch, she met the cat at an event where students could sit in a kitten pen to relieve stress. She immediately adopted her, despite learning that Pot Roast had tons of health issues.

But owning Pot Roast has never been a lonely experience – the whole internet has joined in the joy of Pot Roast’s presence. And in the aftermath of Pot Roast’s death, everyone on social media seems to be crying together.

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