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BROCKTON – You’re just a few clicks away from making holiday shopping a snap while supporting local Brockton area artisans.

Local artists have found an e-commerce website to display their crafts, gems, vintage items, and craft supplies. Etsy gives online store owners the freedom to sell any craft they want.

Categories range from vacation shops, personalized and spiritual items to jewelry, art, clothing, home decor and custom creations.

Here are three local Etsy stores that will transform holiday shopping.

Clever Lion Art

The Etsy Crafty Leo Art online store debuted in 2015 as a fun hobby from Leonarda Vieira-Edwards.

During Vieira-Edwards’ final year at Brockton High School in 2015, she made and sold bracelets, but starting an online business was the last thing on her mind. She loved creating arts and crafts and thought it was a good use of her free time and eventually opened Crafty Leo Art later.

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The Etsy store didn’t gain sales or traction until two years later, in 2017. However, Vieira-Edwards got more serious in producing artisanal goods once the store sold its first item.

Custom letter chains made to order by CraftyLeoArt, an online Etsy store.  December 2, 2021

Vieira-Edwards handcraft each personalized item in its Etsy store. She sells glasses, wall decorations, cake decorations, spiritual coins, key chains, ornaments, pillows and gifts for special occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

The most popular item in her Etsy shop is the resin trays inlaid with real flowers. The second most popular item is flower shade boxes. A customer may request that the shadow box be filled with flowers or photos of your loved one to add a sentimental touch.

Custom shadow boxes created by Leonarda Vieira-Edwards of Crafty Leo Art, an online Etsy store located in Brockton.

Vieria-Edward works full time during the day and night, fulfilling orders and creating works of art for her business. Some nights she goes to bed at midnight but enjoys running her own business.

To purchase personalized gifts from Crafty Leo Art, visit

Crystals line up

Joanna Valentin of Brockton found a new passion while mining amethyst in the cutthroat heat of Georgia in September 2019.

Double Ended Amethyst Crystal Quartz is available at the Etsy The Crystals Align online store, located in Brockton.

Valentine carefully dug holes for six hours, looking for dark purple colored gems.

“I knew I loved crystals and rocks all my life, and used them for my own healing, but to extract a crystal that someone hasn’t seen or touched in millions of years was an emotion. that I had never felt. So at that point, I knew I wanted my own crystal business, “said Valentin.

Pierre Aura Hawlite Palm sold by Joanna Valentin on her Etsy store The Crystals Align.  2 December 2021.

Valentin opened his Etsy store a month later, in October 2019, selling crystals, rocks, and other minerals.

“My vision is to help and educate people that through crystals, meditation and affirmations we can heal ourselves of our own emotional wounds and learn to continue living an aligned life using day-to-day methods, ”said Valentin.

“As a certified crystal healer and reiki specialist, I want to educate people about the benefits of crystals and how they can help you heal through crystal work. Not only because they are beautiful specimens, but also because of the frequencies and the benefits of having them around you and your home can be. My vision is to someday have my own boutique and my own healing clinic, “said Valentin.

Valentin’s overall goal is to expand the Crystals Align Etsy store into a physical store and attract customers who are looking for holistic and alternative healing or who want to give a nice gift.

Glass of Crystal and Moon 16 0z beer can with glass straw by Joanna Valentin available for purchase on her Etsy store The Crystals Align.  December 2, 2021

“I ordered a few crystals as a gift. The gift wrap was the cutest, and the crystals more than lived up to my expectations. Love them all – amazing service and products. Highly recommend,” said Nina Diggs, a client of Crystals Align.

To browse the store, type “Crystals Align” on Etsy or visit

Jada M Art Shop

Jada M Art Shop of Brockton opened in April 2021 to allow Jada Marie Adams to express her artistic vision through watercolor and acrylic paint on miniature canvases.

The Etsy online store sells canvas paintings and specialty fine art prints. Hand painted canvases range from abstract art with cotton candy colored sunset sky to white clouds floating in the blue sky.

Hand painted blue sky sold on Etsy by Jada Marie Adams, JadaMArt.  December 2, 2021

The self-taught artist is inspired by the things that surround him. She draws people and paints landscapes, abstracts, flowers, fruits and other objects.

Once an idea comes to her mind, she starts drawing drafts and will use graphite or colored pencils to put the ideas on paper. The length of time to create a work of art depends on the size of the canvas.

These hand painted miniature skies are sold on Etsy by Jada Marie Adams of Jada M Art, located in Brockton.

Adams is a pianist and also plays the guitar in his spare time. Art has been his life since the age of 4, and twenty years later, the love for art continues to grow.

“Drawing helped me deal with whatever was going on in my life. It made me escape the chaos around me and feel safe,” Adams said.

These flower prints are sold on Etsy by Jada Marie Adams of Jada M Art, located in Brockton.

The young artist fights against perfectionism and wants all her pieces to satisfy and amaze her clients.

“I’m my biggest critic and tend to have high expectations of myself when it comes to my work. Creating abstract pieces has helped me relax a bit and just allowed me to create without care about perfection, ”Adams said.

“Art is what you make of it. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can be complex and realistic or incredibly simplistic. There is a lot of freedom in that because it literally allows you to It doesn’t matter who is an artist and this allows the possibilities of what can be created to be endless, ”Adams said.

To purchase unique original artwork by Jada M Art on Etsy, visit

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