why it’s better than Breaking Bad


Good girls is one of the best shows you probably haven’t watched.

Or maybe you’ve done it now, if you’re one of the people who made the show’s fourth and final season trending on Netflix when it dropped this month. As a longtime fan of the show, it was heartwarming to watch, especially after feeling like I was screaming into the void every time I spoke about the show and encountered empty stares from friends. generally savvy of pop culture.

Full of nuance and frivolity, Good Girls is one of the best shows on Netflix. Credit:NBC

Over the years, I have been surprised that more people don’t watch and talk about Good girls. It’s entertaining, addicting, and has a great cast including Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, and Matthew Lillard. Not to mention the fact that it has so many similarities to one of the most watched and discussed shows of all time: breaking Bad.

Both shows are about desperate suburban parents who find themselves in dire financial straits due to a broken capitalist system and turn to crime to solve their problems. Either way, we watch the main characters transform from ordinary, well-meaning members of the community to darker, more sinister criminals who willfully – even happily – do terrible things.

Or breaking Bad about drugs, Good girls concerns theft and money laundering. And while breaking Bad is a gritty “prestige” drama, Good girls balances its darker elements with a comedic and sometimes sparkling tone. But this contrast itself is worth questioning our concept of what is classified as prestige and why – because the biggest difference between these shows is that breaking Bad concerns men and sometimes revel in toxic masculinity, while Good girls concerns women and, among other things, how such toxic masculinity disentangles their lives.


Part of the problem is how our culture in general treats serious and dramatic stories as more worthy, while comedy is often seen as less good – although it’s a lot harder to make someone laugh than to make them laugh. make cry. But at the heart of it also is the fact that men’s stories are deemed serious and worthy, while women’s stories can be treated as less important or even frivolous.

Interestingly, this is where Good girls′ The greatest strength lies. The show delves into the frivolous and feminine, not just in tone, but also in character and plot. It takes assumptions and stereotypes about femininity and motherhood and opens up the layers they contain, and the power they can hold.

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