Which EV to buy? Every electric car on sale


The EQS isn’t exactly an electric S-Class, but it fulfills a similar role as a showcase for the latest technology from Mercedes. Featuring a bespoke platform, it’s a sleeker and sleeker affair than the company’s familiar ICE limo, plus it handles with more poise and agility – but it’s just as comfortable. and even quieter. The luxurious cabin is dominated by a massive 1.4-meter-wide digital display, while beneath the skin is a large 107.8kWh battery that delivers an astonishing range of 485 miles in the 450+ and 420 miles in the 450+. most powerful 580. best EV in the world? It is certainly up there.


Based on the Class V minivan, the EQV is a compelling case for private taxi and rental companies who want to carry up to six passengers in quiet and cozy luxury. Equipped with a 201 hp engine, it delivers adequate performance, while its 90 kWh battery provides 213 useful miles between charges. Lithium-ion cells sit under the floor so the passenger compartment and trunk space are unaffected (it’s vast inside), while the optional air suspension provides a smooth, near-silent ride. . It’s reasonably precise to drive, the commanding driving position and great visibility make it easy to place, while the 100kW load capacity should mean you won’t stay stationary for long.



With a dated exterior design, a relatively low-rent interior, and a disappointing driving experience, the MG 5 won’t necessarily be at the top of your electric vehicle shopping list. Yet despite its flaws, the Chinese family station wagon makes a decent case as a practical and cost-effective entry to the zero-tailpipe automobile. There’s a handy 464-liter trunk and the 52.5 kWh battery pack provides enough power for 214 miles of driving. With 154 hp, the engine offers very lively acceleration, while the flexible suspension offers good comfort and good silence. Best of all, it costs a little over £ 25,000.


Like the 5, the electrically powered ZS presents its stand with the value-for-money calling card in the front and center. For just over £ 26,000 you get a spacious, practical and well-equipped SUV that outperforms thousands of traditional rivals such as the Kia e-Niro. Yes, the interior materials are a bit cheap and cheerful, but it looks smart enough on the outside and its 141bhp engine offers decent rpm. However, it suffers from imprecise handling, is noisier than most EVs, and most importantly, its 44.5 kWh battery provides less than the average range of 163 miles. But if the lowest list price is your only consideration, maybe the ZS is worth a look.

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