Two stores are better than one

By Hub City Times Staff

MARSHFIELD – A local entrepreneur is forging her own path in the business world with a model that could be tagged with the slogan “Two stores are better than one”.

Brian Kinczfogel owns Perfect 10 Outdoors in Neillsville and recently purchased an outdoor sports store in Marshfield, a decision he made after only a few years in business.

“So I grew up just south of Beaver Dam, just around the Horicon area. I went to the Neillsville area first. My mom and dad bought a house there about 20 years old so I’ve been in this general field for about 20 years and then when I finished high school I went to Wood County/Marshfield college here I got my business degree from them and I went to work,” Kinczfogel said.

“I was a manufacturing engineer for a few years. Then I had my last full-time job before starting my business as a cost analyst for a commercial carpentry company. So I did that for four years. A year and a half of which I had worked full time while I opened the other store.

“So the first store I opened was Perfect 10 Outdoors in Neillsville. So I bought that property in 2019. I built a brand new building from scratch and opened it in the middle of the pandemic , in August 2012. Everyone was going bankrupt and struggling, and I thought it was a great idea to start my own business in the middle of the pandemic, but it turned out great. I mean now we 2 years later, this place is working phenomenally.

His success at Neillsville provided the means to buy Bullseye Sports from Marshfield when former owner Scott Schoenherr was considering retirement.

“It gave me the opportunity to be able to get into this as Scott was getting ready to retire. So yeah, it’s pretty crazy to see two years later where we were where we are now added Kinczfogel.

“I would say for the most part, all of our main lines being our archery, our crossbows, our firearms optics, we’re the same. Here I would say we are a little heavier when it comes to guns. Whereas over there, I am a little heavier on land development work, tree stands, work on food plots; we do a lot of things with that.

“It’s probably one of the only places I’ve been to that completes everything from start to finish, with food plots and land management work. So, I mean, we’ll go from timber and straight trees to ready to plant and we’ll have it all – soil test done, planting done. It’s one, you tell us where you want it, and you come back in a month it’s done.

“So that’s something that I only offer there for the most part. But other than that, a lot of the same product lines all overlap, which is going to really, really help boost, I think, the two places, being able to do a wider (range) of inventory, with just less stuff in the back room, so I think in that aspect, it’s going to really, really help both places.

But, Kinczfogel credits much of the credit for juggling two stores to a supportive and knowledgeable staff.

“I have four guys in Marshfield, and I have two guys in Neillsville plus myself, so between us I think we have a really, really good team and the biggest thing that makes me happy and excited about this subject is that the guys have worked very well together what is going to be the peak of success that we are going to have with these two places is being able to leverage each location of a product that may not be here but maybe there and vice versa,” he said.

“So in the last three months where we’ve kind of closed out this first quarter of the year, I’m more than shocked to see where we are. Obviously there are expectations and goals that need to be set. and achieved afterwards, but to actually see them achieved is very, very nice.

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