Top ten thoughts on Texas A&M vs Arkansas


1. The dominant view after the Aggies survived the Colorado game was that with the loss of the quarterback King Haynes, almost all of the remaining matches were in play.

After yesterday’s results in which Alabama outlasted Florida on the road (with Georgia Tech playing Clemson in one score and Nebraska playing Oklahoma in a score), things got better because the tide seemed to be deadly and not the juggernaut that they’ve been in recent memory

However, the lesson should be that while things seem to be more open in college football, A&M’s situation has not changed … every game is still on the line and Arkansas and Mississippi State await the Aggies. with Alabama.

This brings us to our next point.

2. A&M and Arkansas have played at AT&T Stadium, a neutral venue, nine times since 2009. Two games (2009 and 2016) were decided by more than one score.

Arkansas has been worse than A&M as a program since 2012, but getting A&M early on they usually don’t know they won’t be very good and it’s still a rivalry game for that fan base and that program. . As a result, they play A&M *** and while the Aggies have won a total of nine straight games in the series, A&M fans always seem to sweat games that go on or come down to the last one. possession.

So I learned that the combination of these circumstances means that I will never take this game for granted again.

3. In 2018, I thought the Arkansas team that A&M faced was the least talented of my life. Bret Bielema ran their recruiting into the ground and they had no speed. By 2019, Chad morris had brought some speed but it did not bring enough size.

They were also in the middle of a three-year losing streak with the SEC, so high-end prospects wanted to know nothing about them.

Enter Sam pittman who accepted the job when no one else wanted it. The offensive career coach had enough credibility in the coaching world to snag some really good coordinators in Kendal Briles in attack and Barry odom in defense.

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