Tips for Getting Great Deals on Bigger Back-to-School Items While Shopping Online


(WTNH) – From our smartphones to laptops and everything in your inbox, back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, and online shopping may be the most convenient for many families this year.

Before you toss what you need into the digital shopping cart, keep an eye out for additional savings.

“As soon as you access the site, a pop-up window will usually appear to sign up for their emails or SMS alerts. Often times, it’s your best bet to get an overall discount on this product, ”said Luke Frey of Connecticut BBB.

Frey says signing up to receive texts or emails can save you money. And then, you can unsubscribe once you are done. Another idea is to leave the item in your shopping cart for a day or two. Many times, retailers will send you a coupon to complete the purchase.

“I got these emails like ‘Hey you left this item in your cart here is a 10% off coupon’ in order to buy this item.”

Another popular option that can help families purchase expensive or multi-child items is to pay in installments which you see at the checkout. You just have to be careful of the interest that can accumulate. Some are irrelevant. But it is important to be able to pay on time.

“It kind of does a smooth credit check to make sure you’re actually going to pay that company back for this product. If you want to make these payments, it will hurt your credit if you don’t, ”Frey said. “However, this could be a great way to get the big ticket items you buy and not have to pay all at once.”

Keep this in mind: there is a shortage of computer chips this year, which means prices are generally up on the technology. So if you spot a good deal, you might not want to wait long to buy.

Remember to ask for personal discounts as well, like if you have a .edu email address or if you are a veteran.

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