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-Photo of the messenger by Chad Thompson

Tishara Harke, owner of Things N ‘Stuff in Gilmore City, poses with a skull-shaped decanter in her right hand and a bottle of Eliana Noir perfume in the newly opened store. Harke sells a variety of toys and trinkets at the store.

GILMORE CITY – Tishara Harke has added some variety to Gilmore City, a town of less than 500 people.

The Nevada native opened Things N ‘Stuffs on September 1. His store, which sells everything from microwaves to Halloween costumes, is at 407 Gilmore St., across from the town post office. The store, which once housed an insurance office, is located near the edge of Pocahontas and Humboldt counties.

Under its red roof is approximately 500 square feet of space. Some shelves contain mugs of beer. Others are holding unicorn soft toys.

“Our motto is things for people who want more things,” Harke said.

She came up with the idea for the variety store while she was recovering from a car accident she was in about a year ago.

-Photo of the messenger by Chad Thompson

An assortment of Halloween decorations and costumes are on sale at Things N ‘Stuffs in Gilmore City.

“I was going to work, it was snowing and I hit black ice” Harke said.

“I have a nice scar to prove it” she added, pointing to her right shoulder.

Harke underwent surgery on August 10. In her spare time, she thought about opening a store. She later drove through Gilmore Street and spotted a small building that she considered a perfect fit.

“We had a store in Nevada and we thought it would be a good investment for my money” Harke said.

She operates the store with a little help from Robin Taylor and Therese Harke, from Rolfe.

“Tishara is the owner,” said Therese Harke. “We are the moms who help her grow her business.”

What makes the store attractive are the low prices, according to Therese Harke.

“Everything that is in the store, we try to reduce the normal retail price by 50 to 70%. “ she said.

The group acquires its product by purchasing pallets from Amazon and Walmart, said Therese Harke, with bachelor’s degrees in accounting (University of Iowa) and business management (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) .

“We have microwaves, makeup, vacuum cleaners, Halloween costumes, clothing, dog supplies, fishing gear, ice cream makers, exercise supplies, diaper cakes, clothing.” she said.

“A little bit of everything,” Taylor added.

There is also a trash can with items like phone cases and key chains.

All three make the most of the space they have.

“It’s a small building but the perfect size for what we’re doing,” Taylor said.

Therese Harke said the store was something “very need” for the region. And the community has been welcoming.

“We really love the way the city greeted us from the second we planned to open the store”, said Therese Harke. “They invited us to public meetings and everything. “

Things N ‘Stuffs has become a popular place for kids after school.

“We have children who come every day after school” said Therese Harke. “We have candy and gum. We don’t mind kids coming in as long as they are behaving and for the most part they do.

Within a short time of being opened, the store has amassed at least a few loyal customers.

“We have a few women who come every week just to see what we have”, said Therese Harke.

All three are happy to be part of the community.

“We are launching a program to present works of art to children in the region. “ said Therese Harke. “So they can get some exposure and people can see what they can do. “

Tishara Harke moved to Iowa in 2015. Therese Harke and Taylor have been back since 2018. They also previously lived in Nevada.

Taylor appreciates the small town lifestyle.

“It’s so much sweeter” Taylor said. “It’s calm and you can breathe. You are not tense all the time. We love small towns. After being in Vegas, it’s the hustle and bustle. It was culture shock at first, but I wouldn’t go back.

Tishara Harke was unwilling to go that far.

“I’m not going to lie” she said. “I miss it a bit.”

But she is happy with her current setup.

“We have a very small corner of paradise” Tishara Harke said. “Come check it out.”

Things N ‘Stuffs is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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