The mysteries behind the infamous Dark Web


It’s the dark side of the internet that exists exclusively on darknets.

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The black canvas! The mere mention of these words brings up images of shady internet stalkers exploring all that the internet has to offer.

But what is it exactly the dark web? It’s a type of internet that exists exclusively on darknets, which are networks that require specialized software or authentication to access them.

It may sound bad, but in reality it has the great potential to provide users with the social good of privacy. Unfortunately, in recent years it has mostly served those who wish to carry out illegal and notorious activities. The best example would be online black markets which allow users to buy almost anything that is illegal and unsavory.

However, given that the dark web also offers much-needed anonymity, something positive has come out of it as well. For example, journalists host sites on the dark web so that users feel free to give anonymous advice that can lead to some pretty heartbreaking stories where justice and truth prevail.

But we know what you’re all wondering: how do we get to this elusive dark web? The process is much easier than you might think and we are sharing it in our video. We also explain how the dark web was born. This is a clip not to be missed.

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