The merchandise at this Wisconsin Amish store is worth a visit


Some of Wisconsin’s best shopping adventures will take you to the countryside, and a country store will make you feel like a trip back in time. Mishler’s Country Store is located in the heart of a true Wisconsin Amish community, and it offers a shopping experience like no other. You can find what you need to make a special pie, get some farm-fresh apples, or stock up on bulk supplies without breaking the bank. Don’t bother trying to pay with your phone. The user-friendly store welcomes visitors and offers the kind of service and experience you will never find online.

In these uncertain times, keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your list of destinations to visit at a later date.

Mishler’s Country Store and the surrounding community are a short drive northeast of Madison, making it a good day trip. Learn more about Lilac Wood Shop here. While you’re in town, shop for a bag of flour, apples, a rocking chair, or some old-fashioned hard candy, and get a glimpse into the lives of those who choose not to use modern conveniences like electricity. , cell phones, computers and cars. If you’re into old-fashioned general stores, here are a few more timeless places you should consider exploring.

Address: Mishler’s Country Store, W5115 Barry Rd, Dalton, WI 53926, USA

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