“The lack of refrigerated containers caused significant losses of goods and sales”

In 2020, the supply chain was marked by profound difficulties. Due to the pandemic, many factories have been closed, but not only. Geopolitical tensions between the United States and China have also strongly impacted maritime flows and the availability of containers. The supply difficulties continued in 2021 with the obstruction of the Suez Canal by the container ship Ever Given for nearly 5 months, mobilizing a large number of containers and ships, causing significant backlogs, shortages and bottlenecks throttling in ports. This situation had a very significant impact on the fruit and vegetable sector, with slower export deliveries.

These repeated supply problems have led many professionals like HM Distribution to stock large volumes of goods to avoid any shortages.

Significant loss of merchandise and sales
As a direct consequence of delays in shipments, bottlenecks have formed with goods arriving simultaneously. “This situation requires additional effort and manpower to repackage the recoverable products. The perishable nature of the products, added to the lack of refrigerated containers, has led to significant losses of goods and sales, ”explains import manager Alessandro Cholet, who adds that HM Distribution will now reserve the containers 3 to 6 months in advance in order to de to ensure that its programs with suppliers and customers will not be affected.

Price increase
“With such a bogged down shipping capacity, importers and exporters competed for rare containers and vessels, which increased the cost of transportation. »Containers, labor… a general increase in prices which is particularly difficult to pass on to certain products. “For oranges, it was very difficult to increase prices because of the huge volumes in ports, and production in Spain and Portugal, prices even increased periodically.”

Supply chain management will most certainly be the goal for 2022.

About HM Distribution
In business since 1945, Les Halles Mondetour then became HM Distribution and established itself on the Rungis market in 1969. Initially specializing in the sale of apples, the company has developed its offer and its services over time. Today, as an importer and exporter, HM Distribution offers citrus fruits, grapes, stone fruits and vegetables, as well as a range of exotic fruits since 2017. But HM Distribution also produces apples, thanks to the acquisition of Domaine de Confoux in the south. of France.

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