The chain confirms Stockton town center store will close permanently with 50% discount on all stock


Another retailer in Stockton has confirmed it will close permanently before the demolition of Castlegate Shopping Center next year.

Fultons Foods says it won’t be moving to new premises – but its produce will still be sold at a department store in town.

Poundland, which bought out the frozen food retailer last year, said it would offer a “complete frozen and chilled offering” at its Stockton store.

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Fultons has yet to confirm a closing date, but the store is currently selling its stock at a discount of up to 50%.

Poundland left the center of Castlegate last year, opening a larger store in the old New Look on Main Street.

Fultons employees have all been offered jobs at the Poundland store.

Fultons Foods was acquired by Poundland last year (Middlesbrough store pictured)

A spokesperson for Poundland said: “We were one of the first retailers to move ourselves from central Castlegate last year, across town and, with help from Fultons, our new Stockton store is now one of over 200 stores across the country with a full frozen and chilled offering.

“There are no immediate plans to replace the Fultons store in Castlegate after the council forced purchase.”

Other large retailers and small independents have started moving to new premises in the city, after Stockton council confirmed plans to open the city shores and demolish Castlegate in 2022.

Iceland moved to Wellington Square this month.

However, some have decided not to budge.

Wilko is expected to close his Stockton store early next year and move out of the city center for good.

The high street retailer’s Castlegate shopping center branch will close in February, as preparations for the complex’s demolition begin.

The popular chain says it cannot find “suitable alternative locations” in the city.

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