Suspected dog owner speaks out after being found bound to basket



GLOVERSVILLE, NY (NEWS10) – The woman claiming to be the owner of a dog tethered to a cart in Gloversville speaks out.

Over the weekend, the puppy, less than a year old, was found tied to a shopping cart. The cart was submerged in the water of the new South Boulevard in Gloversville.

The dog was found by a local man who took it to the animal shelter for treatment.

Authorities said the dog was in good shape. Cheyenne Baird told NEWS10 ABC that she is the dog’s owner. She said her boyfriend’s brother was watching the dog when he escaped.

“I just want people to know that I wouldn’t do that to a dog. Yes, I was wrong to let someone watch my dog, so I didn’t leave him at home for hours, ”she said. “I did not leave my dog. Everyone says I left my dog, and I didn’t leave my dog.

Animal shelter officials said the police investigation was ongoing and they could not release the dog. Baird said the shelter told her she could get the dog back as long as she paid $ 75 for a dog license and a rabies vaccine.

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