Snacking on game day with the queen of free

Cherie Lowe shared great grocery shopping tips while you’re gearing up for your big game, as well as 5 great buys under $5 to feed hungry fans.

INDIANAPOLIS — You can expect plenty of bargains in the grocery store all week as people gear up for a great Sunday watching football and snacking.

Free queen Cherie Lowe shared her ideas for Sunday morning game day menus on 13Sunrise, including five great buys under $5 to feed football fans.

Before moving on to the story, Cherie advised to start with what you have on hand and build around that. Think cake mixes to start a dessert or ingredients for a dip.

Make a list or use an app for home pickup or delivery to save time and effort browsing a store for what you need.

And be sure to read the fine print of a store’s sales policy. In her blog, Cherie explained how Kroger will advertise a one-time purchase price, but if you only buy one item, it will ring out at half price. Meijer, on the other hand, charges full price for the first item and then zero for the second item. Don’t overbuy if you don’t need it, unless that second item will stay in your pantry beyond the game and you can use it later.

Cherie also said to steer clear of pre-packaged snack trays. “Not only are these items often overpriced, but they also contain at least one option that will remain intact to be thrown in the trash,” she said. “You better spend 15 minutes preparing the vegetables you’re actually going to eat.”

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5 snacks for less than $5

Here are Cherie’s five favorite big game grocery purchases that ring in the $5 range:

  • Roast chicken – $4.99 at Costco – Good for sandwiches, nachos, dips and more.
  • Pop corn – $2.79 at Kroger – Create a popcorn bar with a variety of seasonings and flavors.
  • Deli Pizza – $4.99 at ALDI or $5 at Kroger – Take-out and bake pizzas are on sale at many other stores, which usually stage them near the deli. (Pro tip: Cut pies into squares to serve.)
  • Frozen bread dough – $4.39 at Walmart – for garlic knots, pepperoni rolls, breadsticks and even monkey bread. Don’t forget to thaw it so it’s ready to cook on game day.
  • The cake mix – $1.24 at Walmart – Makes cupcakes, cake cookies and cake batter popsicles. Use food coloring or sprinkles for team colors.

Watch Cherie’s full 13Sunrise segment in the video player.

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