Six great Like a Version performances to be released for Record Store Day

Some of triple j Like a Version’s best recent performances will be released as 7″ singles to celebrate Record Store Day 2022.

This year, Record Store Day falls on Saturday, April 22. The radio station is doing its part for the annual event by releasing six of 2021’s most memorable Like a Versions on vinyl.

On Saturday, fans will have a hard time deciding between the 7″ singles. There’s Genesis Owusu’s explosive take on the Sex Pistols’ punk classic “Anarchy in the UK” or Middle Kids’ alternative rock take on Olivia Rodrigo’s ubiquitous pop anthem “Drivers License.”

There’s Amy Shark’s version of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Sugar, We Going Down’ or the rap group Triple One’s change of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’.

Check out ‘Anarchy in the UK’ (Sex Pistols cover) by Genesis Owusu:


Check out ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ (Fall Out Boy cover) by Amy Shark:

Youtube videoCheek

Check out ‘Comfortably Numb’ (Pink Floyd cover) by Ocean Alley:

Youtube videoCheek

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The other two options are Ocean Alley’s groovy reworking of not one, not two, but three Pink Floyd songs (“Breathe,” “Comfortably Numb” and “Money”) or the legendary Wiggles remix of the classic “Elephant by Tame Impala. .

The B-side of each 7″ single will contain the original song that the artists covered during their Like a Version set. For the Wiggles vinyl, that means a rendition of “We’re All Fruit Salad,” featuring two of the band’s original members in Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt.

You can check out some of the Like a Version covers above and the original performances below. Head over to the official Record Store Day Australia website to find out which local stores you can pick up the Like a Version 7″ singles at this weekend.

Check out ‘We’re All Fruit Salad’ by The Wiggles:

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Check out Triple One’s ‘Loverose’:

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Check out the Middle Kids “stackable chairs”:

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