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Move over to the plates, there’s a new dish in town: dinner bowls.

Dinner bowls, low bowls or “blates” are the latest dinnerware trend of 2022. With wide bottoms and one to two inch high sides, dinner bowls are an ideal dish for serving meals like sturdy grain bowls, delicious pasta, and creamy noodles. scrambled eggs.

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There’s a bowl for every kitchen, whether you prefer a shiny polished finish or a rustic matte finish. Here are 10 dinner bowls to serve at your next meal.

1. Luna dinner bowls

These black bowls offer dimension with a ribbed rim.

Rather than rolling that last pea onto your plate and possibly onto the table, look to the high edges of these Luna dinner bowls. Their wide bottoms are the canvas for your weekday stir-fries. They are available in three different neutral shades of black, wheat or white that can perfectly complement your existing dinnerware collection.

Get the Overandback Luna Dinner Bowls at QVC for $35

2. Hawkins New York Tableware

Mix and match this versatile dinnerware.

While enjoying a bowl of pasta with sauce, enjoy the thrill and convenience of the sides of a dinner bowl like the Hawkins New York line. The dinner and salad plates feature 2 inch raised edges that create a barrier between your meal and the table, perfect for messy eaters. The fancy bowls are 9 inches in diameter that you can stack with your favorite foods.

Get the Hawkins New York Plates and Bowls at Food52 starting at $40

3. Project 62 Avesta bowls

You can stack a lot of these stoneware bowls.

Going out to dinner and consuming beautifully composed dishes is a sweet escape from your less-than-exciting everyday dinner parties. But these modern dinner bowls from Target’s Project 62 line inspire creativity and just might help you craft that boxed macaroni and cheese.

Avesta bowls have a brilliant sheen and come in neutral shades of black, gray or white. Durability isn’t sacrificed in the name of style as these low bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Get the Project 62 Avesta Dinner Bowl at Target for $4

4. Bico Tunisian Ceramic Dinner Bowls

These colorful bowls come in an assortment of vibrant designs.

For the color maximalists, these bowls come in a range of vibrant colors. At just under nine inches in diameter and less than two inches tall, these Amazon dinner bowls are versatile enough for a soup, salad, or cereal bowl. You won’t have to worry about discoloration or chipping because these dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Get the Bico Tunisian Ceramic Dinner Bowls on Amazon for $37

5. Crate & Barrel Hue White Low Bowls

Go for a serene sky blue hue.

Breaking away from the rounded edges of most dinner bowls, Crate & Barrel Hue bowls feature straight, slanted sides. They come in a darling robin’s egg blue that feels coastal and fresh. For a vintage French seaside vibe, opt for the pretty navy hue. These dishes will make your morning omelette or Nicoise salad looks absolutely delicious.

Get the Hue White Low Bowls at Crate & Barrel for $18

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6. CB2 Drift Reactive Paste Bowl

Serve many hearty meals with this pasta bowl.

With a soft, matte finish, these bowls have the charm you’re looking for in a rustic dish. They come in delicate colored shades of ivory, green and pink. Although pasta is in the name, you can use these bowls for any of your favorite foods. CB2 offers an assorted collection of plates and mugs in the Drift Reactive collection, including dinner plates with a raised rim.

Get the Drift Reactive Paste Bowls at CB2 for $13

7. Our table bowl

This simple slate colored bowl is microwave safe.

We are big fans of the Our Table cookware and dinnerware range from Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s sturdy, affordable, and dishwasher and microwave safe. The collection extends to dinner bowls. With one and a half inch walls, these will keep your delicious meal contained so you won’t miss a single bite.

Get the Our Table Dinner Bowl at Bed Bath & Beyond for $11

8. West Elm Organic Shaped Dinner Bowls

Go for something simple and clean.

Unlike the classic circular bowl, the abstract outline of this bowl offers an elegant take on the classic dinner bowl. Crafted from stunning hand-glazed white porcelain, these organic dinner bowls are a sparkling addition to your dinnerware collection. The wide, flat bottom is just as functional as that of a classic dinner plate. Serve your morning avocado toast here to add flair to your table setting.

Get the Organic Shaped Dinner Bowl Set at West Elm for $50

9. Siterra Painters Palette Round Bowls

These mix-and-match ceramic plates are perfect for an offbeat mix.

You know that artistic friend of the family who has an eclectic collection of ceramics spread throughout his house? The warm, natural colors of these bowls lend a warm ambiance to your dining table, and the ridged circles in the center add eye-catching texture. Fill these bowls with a hearty stew or a hot batch of morning oats.

Get the Siterra Painters Palette Round Dinner Bowls at Walmart for $35

10. Opalhouse Dinner Bowls

Add a splash of summery color with these orange bowls.

Target’s Opalhouse line features bold colors and vivid prints full of personality. Made of shatterproof melamine, the speckled orange or white bowls are dishwasher safe and have a lightweight design that’s ideal for kids and families. They are ideal for summer entertaining when you want to dine outside without worrying about a broken plate on the patio.

Get the Opalhouse Dinner Bowls at Target for $14

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