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COVINGTON, Georgia – Since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago, it’s no secret that small businesses have been strained. That’s why the Newton County Chamber of Commerce is launching a new campaign, simply called “Save Small Businesses – Make the Commitment.”

Working with the Rockdale County Chamber and local businesses, Newton County Chamber Speaker Debbie Harper was scheduled to officially announce the campaign kickoff Tuesday night as she addressed City Council de Covington and the Newton County Board of Commissioners.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our community,” Harper said. “They need our support.

In another form of campaign announcement, Harper recently sat down with Lorraine Harrison of About Marketing and Brenda Landers of High Priority Plumbing to film a promotional video and discuss the initiative.

Harrison, who helped launch the campaign, recalled how the idea came about.

“I was literally sitting in front of my computer, about to order [coffee] from Amazon… and something said to me, ‘Why are you ordering this from Amazon when the cafe up the street has coffee beans that are as good as what you order?’ “, did she say. “And it struck me that during the pandemic we couldn’t go out, we couldn’t go anywhere, so we got used to ordering online. But now that our small businesses are open again and we can get out there, we need to get out of the habit of Amazon and buy from our local small businesses. “

That’s when she approached local chambers and the main sponsor, High Priority Plumbing, to put together a program.

As part of the campaign, Harrison said people are being asked to commit to making a purchase from a small business once a week for at least 10 weeks.

“You know, they see the light at the end of the tunnel, but they need our help now,” Harrison said of small business.

Besides the gratuity of helping local businesses stay afloat, another incentive to make the commitment and buy small is a chance to win prizes. Anyone participating in the Save Small Business campaign can record their purchases on a special business card which can be found in the room and be entered to win a local restaurant gift card.

Buyers are also encouraged to post photos of their purchases on social media with the hashtag “#SaveSmallBiz”.

In addition to the campaign, small businesses can also enter to win a $ 5,000 SCB Video Marketing Package sponsored by High Priority Plumbing.

Landers said High Priority Plumbing was thrilled to be a part of the campaign and looked forward to the positive results it could bring to the community.

“We just believe that together we can make such a difference,” Landers said. “After everything we’ve been through this year, we don’t want to lose one more small business. “

Harrison said a small business show is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 23 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the Randal S. Mills Pavilion in Conyers. Harper said a similar event in Newton County is slated for October and specific details will be released once finalized.

To learn more about the campaign and upcoming events to support small businesses, visit savesmallbiz.net.

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