Sales of pre-loved kilos reach London!

Did you know that 81 pounds of clothing is thrown away every year and 700 gallons of water are used to produce a t-shirt? It’s time we started buying sustainably for good!

Preloved Kilo is a company that was established in 2016 and remains one of the most popular kilo auctions in London. It offers vintage second-hand clothing to many shoppers and costs £ 15 per kilogram of clothing.

This company has been around for four years and has hosted over 300 events from Dundee to London, Vauxhall! Preloved Kilo is the UK’s biggest kilo auction and they have created many partnerships over the years where people can shop for their clothes. There are also a number of pop-up shops you can visit and they visit two different cities every weekend! If you can’t visit one of the pop-up stores, you can purchase items from their online store which has a wide range of inventory to choose from. When purchasing in the online store, you can purchase 1kg and 5kg + mystery boxes in large boxes handpicked by the main buyer of the business.

Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more mainstream and people are starting to change their shopping habits using these methods instead of regularly buying new clothes, which is now helping the planet by reducing their carbon footprint. People are encouraged to keep buying in a sustainable way because they contain environmentally friendly fabrics that are soft, strong and durable. Buying eco-friendly clothing ensures that you won’t have to keep buying new clothes all the time.

When I arrived at the Vauxhall Preloved Kilo sale, I asked one of the customers in attendance, named Kaila, what she thought of the event. She said: “I was impressed to find a great selection of clothes and you can find some hidden gems. It was a well organized event and the staff were helpful. She explained how she” would recommend this event to lovers of charity shops ”and she had a“ overall good experience. ”I asked her if there was one thing she would change about the event and she replied“ there should be one more wide range of accessories from which people can choose “.

I was able to buy a few finds and would definitely recommend it as you can find items that you usually won’t find in high street stores. By buying from Preloved Kilo, you can reduce your carbon footprint and have new eco-friendly clothes in your wardrobe. The idea of ​​second-hand clothes may put some people off, but almost all of the clothes I found were in perfect condition and can easily be replaced if there is a loose thread or a missing button. Preloved Kilo is just one of a number of companies in the UK providing good quality second-hand goods that you can buy that are one step closer to tackling the issue of climate change.

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