Presales Opening: Refresh Skin Science – The Best in Skin Care, Launched in India

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India – Business Wire India Refresh Skin Science, part of Visionary Skincare Pvt Ltd., offers a set of skin serums to solve skin care issues in the Indian market. Their product line helps reduce the severity and solve the skin care issues that the majority of people face. Presales for Refresh Skin Science are currently open, while the brand is expected to officially launch on 12-24-2021.

Refresh Skin Science is a skin care brand with products made with scientifically proven ingredients that help reduce and fight acne, pigmentation, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and provide a intense hydration improving texture for radiant skin. In addition, the restorative properties of certain ingredients like alpha arbutin, niacinamide, grape seed and beta arbutin are rich in antioxidants and specific vitamins, which rejuvenate the skin.

The products are non-toxic and are made without parabens, sulfates, silicones and perfumes that could cause certain negative reactions for specific skin types. The basic active ingredients like niacinamide, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid have been tested by dermatologists and cosmetic chemists and used by millions of customers around the world. It will be the only Indian skin problem solving routine manufacturer where customers can select products that solve their skin problems at 1 / 10th of what any skin clinic would charge.

Refresh Skin Science’s Regimen Builder Creating your own skin care routine can be expensive as there will be a lot of trial and error to find specific products that bring out the results you want. The solution offered by Refresh Skin Science was their brand’s Regimen Builder service that sets up a skin care routine, which recommends serums, cleansers, toners and more from the many products that make up their collection in the aim to avoid disappointment. and wasted time they also offer an extra 50% cashback on orders over Rs. 2000.

Their Regimen Builder is very easy to use and takes no less than four minutes. The first step is to enter the person’s name and then complete the questionnaire, it depends on the severity of the skin problems (acne, pigmentation and spots or dryness, and dull complexion, etc.). This service will ensure that one finds the perfect solution for their skin type.

Refresh Skin Science is developed for men and women of all skin types at all stages of life. The range of products is geared towards skin lightening, anti-aging, dry and oily skin, pigmented and acne-prone skin. Toners, facial serums, anti-aging serums, peeling solutions and foaming cleansers are among the products that will be marketed in the first phase. The brand’s website,, is already having a pre-launch sale that offers a 20% discount on all products in the store.

“There is a lot of guesswork and misconception about managing your skin. On the one hand, there is a blind audience for the use of natural products, facial cleansers and vitamin C serums who expect them to solve their problems and on the other hand, the dermatologists recommend pharmaceutical products made by big brands, which lack transparency and offer a direct link to consumers. In a country where there is 1 dermatologist per 15,000 inhabitants, we are delighted to bring to the market a tool for creating routines to solve the specific problems that people commonly face, ”says Mr. Vishnu Prasath Devarajan, Founder of Supercluster Pi (holding company of Refresh Skin La science).

Pre-Sale Offer For new customers, Refresh Skin Science is offering a 20% discount on all products in their store with the added benefit of a 50% refund on purchases over Rs. 2000.

Consumers who subscribe to Refresh Skin Science newsletters will receive an additional 10% discount and stay informed of their latest offers and new product launches. The products are available on Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart and are expected to launch on other ecommerce platforms soon.

Refresh Skin Science products include: • 2% Alpha Arbutin + 1% Grapeseed + 2% Beta Arbutin Face Serum • 2% Granactive Retinoid Face Serum • 2% Skin Serum face with salicylic acid • 20% vitamin C facial serum • AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution • Foaming cleanser with purslane extract • Face serum with hyaluronic acid ( anti-aging) • Niacinamide 12% + Zinc 2% face serum • PHA 3% Alcohol-free face tonic Refresh Skin Science’s core active ingredients have become a global standard in skin care. All 9 research-backed products launched by Refresh Skin Science are designed with unique ingredients to promote healthy, glowing skin while meeting common skin care challenges, regardless of age or stage. the life. Dry, oily, rough skin with closed pores – the brand offers products to help customers solve common skin problems and achieve their goals. Each Refresh Skin Science product is injected with additional supporting chemicals to increase effectiveness and prevent side effects, in addition to the basic active ingredients that other brands regularly bring to the market.

To eliminate the use of harmful animal by-products and environmentally unsustainable inputs found in other brands in the industry, the brand emphasizes social responsibility and the environment through transparency of ingredients and the planting of a tree in honor of each customer, thus contributing to a greener environment.

About Refresh Skin Science Refresh Skin Science, part of Supercluster Pi (House of Brands), along with leading dermatologists in India have put together a simple, easy-to-use, and successful skincare line proven effective for common skin care challenges. and problems. Refresh Skin Science began at the crossroads of cosmetic and pharmaceutical sciences. The brand’s mission is to enable people to age perfectly, to gain self-esteem and confidence. Their products are made with the health benefits and benefits of research-backed ingredients that will allow people to treat their skin problems at home.

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