In the midst of a decorated season where the defensive end Nick Bosa tallied 21 TFLs, 15.5 sacks and forced 4 fumbles, it’s hard to believe the star was out with a torn ACL just a year ago.

The injury occurred in Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season in a game against the New York Jets. Bosa told NFL Network that he immediately knew he had suffered a serious injury after the tear: “I knew that for sure. I think you want to pretend to think you’re okay and try to take those steps. , but I knew exactly what happened and it was going to be a long road.”

Both Bosa and general manager John Lynch agree, an important part of the recovery process has been the dietary restrictions imposed on him throughout the year. “[The diet] definitely helps. I just wanted to take a facet of what I do to the next level and I had an amazing chef,” Bosa continued. “My Dexa scan this year was the lowest body fat on the team. When you have databases [defensive backs] and running backs on the team, it’s pretty good to compete with them with body fat. I don’t know if all this helps the product on the pitch, but it definitely allows me to perform.”

After a successful year of playing, however, it looks like Nick Bosa is at the top of his game, even more so than before the injury. He also agrees that he is improving every week,”[I’m] to hang up. In fact, I’m doing very well. I think I’m improving as the season progresses.”

Next up for the 49ers and their young DE star is the Dallas Cowboys. Against the Cowboys’ very talented offensive staff, Bosa believes the keys to the game will be to “stop the run” and “go after the passer”.

It’s a similar philosophy every week for Bosa, but whether it will work against Dallas remains to be seen.