New and notable from Walmart, Public Goods and Vitruvi

With the New Year finally here, it’s undeniable that we are in the midst of the New Year’s resolution period, a frenetic optimism, filled with home gym equipment, planners, and countless self-improvement apps. But between inflation and lingering supply chain issues, many of the same issues seem to follow us into the New Year. The increase in Covid cases across the country is also not making navigation easier this year: Concerns over the omicron variant coupled with severe snowstorms have caused massive flight cancellations for thousands of vacationing travelers, while that retailers like Apple, Walmart and Macy’s have temporarily closed or reduced hours at several stores in response to the increase in cases.

Still, there’s a lot to look forward to in the retail space in 2022. Today marks the first in-person day of CES 2022 – the biggest tech conference of the year hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). However, Covid concerns have led some large companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Meta to cancel their physical appearances this year, and CTA recently announced it would end the event a day ahead of schedule. .

Notable innovations at the tech show to date include Sony’s world’s first 4K QD-OLED TV and the company’s backbone to electric cars, Belkin’s all-new SOUNDFORM Immerse noise-canceling headphones, and a new line of televisions from Samsung and LG. The multi-day event will continue through January 7, with more tech giants and small startups expected to make major announcements in the coming days.

To round out your first week of 2022, we’ve highlighted a few notable launches from Vitruvi, Walmart, and Public Goods, along with some exciting sales for the New Year.

New at Vitruvi, Walmart and public goods

Below, we’ve selected a few recent launches that we think will interest you based on the interest of Select readers and our past coverage.

Vitruvi launches new colors for its Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi has just announced that its popular Stone Diffuser will be available in two new colors: Lavender and Eucalyptus. According to the brand, these colors were the two most requested colors by the Vitruvi community. Crafted from matte ceramic, Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser can also serve as an attractive decor while releasing an essential oil of your choice into the air – just add water and 20-25 drops of your essential oil and select the desired time settings.

Walmart Partners With The Home Edit For Exclusive Collection

Looking to get organized for the New Year? Walmart has teamed up with the stars of Netflix’s “Get Organized with The Home Edit” – professional home organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin – to create an exclusive product line of organizational solutions and tools. The Home Edit collection includes everything from modular 3 tier storage systems and 5 piece laundry organizers to stackable bins and ornament organizers. The line is sold exclusively at the retail giant, both in-store and online.

Public Goods launches skin care products

Sustainable lifestyle brand Public Goods recently made its debut in skin care. Last month, she released a line of clean, non-sexist products made from science-backed ingredients as part of her “Made in Nature” campaign, according to the brand. The skin care line includes clay mask, gentle cleanser and vitamin C serum, as well as other products made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, wax bee and coffee. The skin care line is the latest addition to Public Goods’ more than 200 product catalog, which includes everything from cleaning products and housewares to groceries and menstrual care products.

Current sales this week

If you are looking for sales and deals for the new year, we have compiled a few notable options among retailers and select readers’ favorite categories.

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