Mavs selects Maxi Kleber as Chime Community Spotlight award winner

“It’s a good day to have a good day!” “

These are the words shared by Maxi Kléber on his social networks to uplift fans. It’s the same positive energy he shouts at teammates or young children lining up to watch him play.

Joy also spreads throughout the community when the 29-year-old arrives to help underserved children with their groceries or when he delivers turkeys to needy families for Thanksgiving.

Spreading kindness and compassion is natural to Kleber, and that’s not what he does – but who It is. He doesn’t want the spotlight or the praise. His parents raised him to use his platform for the greater good and he gives back from the heart.

Kleber hasn’t changed in the five seasons since moving to Dallas, and he’s touched countless lives, including ours.

The Dallas Mavericks are proud to announce that the forward Maxi Kléber is the November 2021 Community Spotlight Award winner, presented by Chime, because of his extraordinary commitment and dedication to serving the children and families of North Texas.

Each month, the Mavs and Chime assess the full impact and influence of players in the community. The native of Würzburg, Germany was selected as the winner because of his many charitable efforts and acts of service. Many of these moments took place behind the scenes and out of sight.

His teammate and close friend Dwight Powell said that everything Kleber does comes with a real place in his heart.

“First and foremost, Maxi really cares about the community,” said Powell. “It usually comes out behind the cameras and at times when not everyone is necessarily watching. I can tell you firsthand that he really is the type of person he is. He doesn’t do these things for. to be recognized He was brought up in a big family, and that is something they preached. Giving back without recognition is very important to them.

Since November, Kleber has participated in several events, including the annual Mavs’ Turkey Giveaway competition at Buckner International. Kleber helped prepare full Thanksgiving meals and side dishes to distribute to the 250 families who arrived for the event. Many live on a fixed income and have said they could never afford to attend a game. Meeting players like Kleber has brought them a lot of joy and pride.

“We have been through so many difficult times,” said Evangelina Fonseca. “So we are thankful for the food. We loved meeting the Mavericks!

Kleber also participates in the Mavericks Community Ticket Program, which offers nonprofit youth organizations the opportunity to attend Dallas Mavericks home games through donated tickets. Kleber and Powell will set up a postgame reunion with the squad following the Dec. 21 game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This week, Kleber took part in a holiday shopping spree with local youth. He was grateful to walk alongside some of the children to help them choose special gifts for the holidays.

In the past, Kleber has participated in many events with the Mavericks, including hospital visits, court dedications, Mavs Academy camps, and more. Its impact has reached thousands of people, and it shows children by example how to dream big and be kind wherever they go.

“With the Mavs, community outreach is something that we do as an organization, and upon the arrival of the second Maxi, it fitted in perfectly,” said Powell. “But what I can tell you about Maxi as a friend is that he does a ton of things that other people never even know. Sometimes it’s not in a very flashy way. “the eye, but he always helps the people he meets along the way. It’s just who he is.”

Over the summer, we met Kleber at a Mavs Academy camp.

He participated in various exercises, played games, and spoke words of wisdom and motivation to more than 100 children in two camps. Above all, he stressed the importance of hard work and character, both on and off the pitch.

“My advice to them is just to have fun,” Kleber explained. “When I was a kid, all I cared about was having fun, and I would spend every day in the gym without thinking about anything in particular and just playing. Obviously as you get older there are certain things you need to work on like dribbling, passing, shooting, and they’re all important. But my main advice at this point is for the kids to have fun. “

It’s that same kind of passion and fun that makes the Dallas Mavericks and Chime lucky enough to work alongside someone like Kleber. Thank you, Maxi, for inspiring so many people with your enthusiasm, hope, and service leadership.

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