Manningcast generates a good buzz but low ratings


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Social media loved the Peyton and Eli Manning show on Monday night. As in many other cases, the rest of the world did not share the same enthusiasm.

Via Jean Ourand from Sports business journal, the ESPN2 rating for the Ravens-Raiders game improved (or not) by the Manning brothers generated a rating of 0.6, with a share of 1. In contrast, the main stream, televised by ABC and ESPN, reached 6 , 5 and 4.5 rating, respectively, and shares of 14 and 10.

It’s a surprising result, one that surely makes Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick feel a bit better after seeing the amount of praise piled up on the secondary broadcast that seemed certain to sabotage their overall numbers. In the end, it barely rocked the main audience.

The Manningcast may work better watching the game alone than in a group. We had six people watching the game on the PFT terrace; the natural conversation between those watching the game made Manning’s discussion pointless and generally difficult to follow. We turned it on four times and almost immediately returned to main power.

Meanwhile, some in the industry have complained about Peyton Manning’s desire to undermine the core team instead of becoming a member. One person raised an interesting question: What would Manning say and do if he was the senior analyst of Monday night football and ESPN put together an alternate stream and relentlessly pushed it forward?

Maybe once he saw the odds he wouldn’t care.

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