Macau Good Shop opens at the airport to promote cultural and creative products

MACAU, February 17 – The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), in cooperation with Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM), has set up the “Macau Good Shop—Macau Cultural and Creative Products Store” in Macao International Airport to sell original local cultural and creative products and IC publications, to promote local cultural and creative brands to tourists and residents. IC hopes to provide a sales platform for Macao’s cultural and creative products, enhance the popularity and market competitiveness of local cultural and creative brands, and promote the sustainable development of Macao’s cultural and creative industries through the establishment of the “Macao Good Shop—Macao Cultural and Creative Goods Shop.”

IC Chairman Leong Wai Man; IC Vice President Cheong Lai San; the head of IC’s cultural and creative industries promotion department, Ho Hong Pan; CAM Executive Director Lei Si Tai; and CAM Business Planning and Development Department Director Winnie Hsu inspected the operations of the “Macau Good Shop” on February 15. The “Macau Good Shop – Macau Cultural and Creative Products Store” is located in the restricted area on the departures level of Macau International Airport Terminal, selling more than 200 original cultural and creative products of various Macau brands. The store offers a wide range of products, including travel souvenirs, lifestyle products, stationery, clothing and accessories, as well as IC publications, showcasing the cultural and creative vibrancy of Macau and allowing tourists and residents to take home Macau’s special products.

IC previously issued a call for proposals to operate the “Macao Good Shop—Macao Cultural and Creative Products Store.” The jury, composed of professionals and representatives of the Government and the CAM, selected the applications on the basis of the following criteria: feasibility, integrity, creativity and contribution to the promotion of cultural and creative industries in Macao, degree of industrialization, diversity , originality and cultural content of the products, as well as the management experience of the operators. The jury selected Macau Creations Limited to be responsible for coordinating the sale of original local cultural and creative products for the period November 2021 to October 2024.

For the latest information on IC, please visit the website, the “IC Art” page on Facebook and the official WeChat account “IC_Art_Macao”.

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