Louisville cycle shop taking bicycle, donating toys for victims of the Marshall fire

LOUISVILLE, Colorado (KDVR) – As so often happens after tragedies, the communities of Louisville and Superior have really come together.

Louisville Cyclery has been around for 42 years. Once they realized the store had survived the Marshall fire, they had to do something to help. The owner and staff decided to give back.

“It didn’t sound like a choice, honestly. We had the opportunity to do something, and that’s what we thought we could do a really good job with, ”said owner Gregory Jones.

They accept donations of new or like-new bicycles and toys. On the first day, they collected more than 65 bicycles, which they repair and give to the victims.

“We have a team of mechanics at the back, who examine the bikes, repair them, prepare them. We put blue tape on them when they’re ready to go so they know they can just pick it up and go. We’re trying to make it easier for them, ”Jones said.

They also collect toys and already have enough to fill a 20ft trailer, which they turned into a toy store for kids to shop.

“It’s hard. You can see the look in their eyes. There’s no way you won’t be affected by this,” Jones said.

They want fire victims to know they can pick up toys or a bicycle.

“Not being an expert on it, the hardest part is letting people know that we have it and that they can use it. I know it’s really hard for people to ask for help or even accept help when it’s right in front of them, but we try to make it as easy as possible, ”Jones said. .

Christopher Jewett and his family lost everything in the fire.

“It was scary. There was smoke everywhere you could barely see. I ended up going back and looking for stuff and just got some computers,” Jewett said.

He couldn’t save the bike he used to get around college, so he stopped at Louisville Cyclery and picked a new one.

“I think it’s great. It means so much. I’m not the only person who’s lost everything, so I think it’s really great that everyone is helping out, ”Jewett said.

Jones said it was heartbreaking to hear the stories, but also heartwarming to see so many people being so generous during this time of great need.

“The community really, really came together. It’s amazing, ”Jones said.

They are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to get back on the road to recovery.

“I think it’s really great. It really shows that we are a community here, ”Jewett said. “Just thank you to everyone who helped. I really appreciate it, ”he added.

Louisville Cyclery continues to receive donations of bicycles and toys. They will use their old building to store donations when they run out of space.

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