Lena Dunham shares little-known secret about ‘girls’ quote

Adam Pilot is no stranger to TikTok users because of her line of “good soup” by Lena Dunham HBO series Girls. Thanks to the video sharing app, Driver’s line has become a viral sensation. Recently, Dunham took to social media to share a startling truth about the Girls Quote.

“Girls” quote “good soup” goes viral on TikTok

Driver played Dunham’s onscreen boyfriend in the HBO series Girls, which aired six seasons from 2012 to 2017. The “good soup” audio that TikTok users have extracted and used in their videos comes from Girls Season 6, Episode 8, “What will we do this time about Adam? “

In Girls, Hannah (Dunham) has an intermittent relationship with Adam (driver). By season 6 the two are no longer together, but when Hannah becomes pregnant with another man who wants nothing to do with the baby, Adam comes back into her life.

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In the episode, Hannah and Adam spend a day half-heartedly dreaming and planning to raise the baby together, from finding accommodation for the artist to Adam’s plans to build a cradle – his passion for the season. 1 for woodworking is useful here. When it looks like Hannah and Adam are finally going to work, the mood changes.

Slowly, Hannah’s eyes fill with tears as she realizes that life with Adam will never work. Adam swerves, completely avoiding Hannah’s emotions. “What’s the rest of your night like?” ” he asks.

“I’m going to go home and write and then probably go to sleep, will you?” Hannah answers. “Guess I’ll go do the grocery shopping,” Adam adds, his voice broken. After a brief pause, he pronounces the iconic phrase: “Good soup”.

Adam Driver improvised his “good soup” line in HBO’s “Girls”

After the Girls quote went viral on TikTok, Dunham felt it necessary to give credit where credit was due. She took advantage of her Instagram stories to reveal the truth about the quote.

“For the record, Adam Driver completely improvised this,” she wrote on a TikTok from the season 6 episode clip. “[Judd Apatow] and I can take zero credit. And also… the soup was… not good.

“I just knew Adam Driver added the line ‘good soup’ himself,” said a fan who shared Dunham’s post with Twitter. “Plus, I know this man had absolutely no memory of saying it when people first mentioned the meme to him.”

Adam Driver has improvisational skills

Driver is no stranger to improvisation. In a conversation with Daily movement, Conductors what if Co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan spoke about her “incredible improvisation skills” used in the 2014 romantic comedy.

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The pilot also harnessed his improvisational ability in the 2021 film Ridley Scott Gucci House. He played Maurizio Gucci, former head of the famous fashion house who was shot dead in a murder plot by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga).

In one of the first scenes of Gucci House, Patrizia and Maurizio make love on a desk. “We blocked it off like we would any fight or any scene, and then we kind of ran it maybe once or twice, and that was it!” Said Driver Weekly entertainment. “We felt it, so to speak. Everything I say sounds like a double meaning, but, we’ve winged it! ”

Driver and Gaga had been working together for a month at this point in filming. “We felt very comfortable going where we needed to go,” he concluded.

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