Jan’s Experts Ski Shop in Park City, UT, offers gear, rentals, tips and great advice

Thanks, Marty! image: snow brains

Moving to a new ski resort can be exciting, challenging and sometimes a little scary.

New mountains, new people, new winding mountain roads, new friends, new lingo, new culture and new ski shops.

I started spending time in Park City, UT in 2018.

Bransford helping me with boots. image: snow brains
Bransford is on fire for the Ski Jumping World Cup. He used to jump! image: snow brains

After navigating around the local mountains and culture for a bit, I realized I needed a ski shop to have skis fitted and tuned, ski boots adjusted, and advice absorbed.

After browsing a few stores, I found one that could cover everything on a high level: Jan’s.

Marty and Bransford are shoe ninjas.

Glad to have had this all mounted and knocked over at Jan’s. image: snow brains

Jared and the ski service team can tune and mount any ski or board.

I even saw them working on a crazy snow skate the last time I was there.

And it does not stop there.

Ski templates and all. image: snow brains

Jan rides deep

They sell everything, rent everything and guide everything.

Jan’s gear for sale:

  • Ski
  • Snowboard
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Mountain bike
  • Escalation
  • Flight fishing
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Guidance

Jan’s rentals:

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Mountain bike
  • Mountain clothing
  • Camping material
  • Fly fishing equipment

Guiding Jan:

  • Snowshoeing
  • cross-country skiing
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • Escalation
Jan got me my new boots. image: snow brains

This season alone, I burst into Jans with 4 pairs of new ski boots to put on and 5 pairs of skis to mount.

Jan saved me this season from fitting all my skis and punching all my boots right before my 2 month trip to Alaska to guide heliskiing for my first season.

They didn’t hesitate, they knew exactly what to do and they did it on time.

They also make bikes! image: snow brains

What’s really crazy about rentals at Jan’s.

They rent our damn close to everything you might need in the mountains…

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Mountain bike
  • Mountain clothing
  • Camping material
  • Fly fishing equipment

Jan’s Trade In-Trade Up program for kids saves money.

“When you buy a new set of children’s skis, boots and bindings from Jans, we give you a 30% discount. And when your child outgrows this gear, you can trade it in with your original receipt, and we’ll apply a 40% credit to the gear you turn in for their new ski gear. We offer K2 and Atomic children’s ski equipment. And our own little ones do all the necessary testing for us so you know your little skiers are skiing their best! – Jan’s

Video of me in Alaska last week on Jan’s mounted skis and Jan’s perforated boots:

It doesn’t hurt that Jan’s backstory is fantastic.

Utah’s premier ski shop!

Jan Peterson’s father founded Pete’s, Utah’s first ski shop, and Jan learned the trade growing up. After years of ski racing and training, Jan decided to try his other hobby — writing — and became a copywriter. Even though he succeeded in doing this, Jan found he’d rather cast a fly and talk about the latest ski gear with customers than worry about advertising deadlines. So he returned to the outdoor industry.

In 1980, the same year Deer Valley® opened, Jan opened his own namesake boutique not far from the location of Jans’ current flagship store. Fortune smiled at the fledgling operation, and he soon opened other stores.

Over the years, Jans has grown from just a ski shop to also include mountain biking, road biking, fly fishing and snowshoeing. Additionally, through an affiliation with White Pine Touring, Jans and jans.com are able to offer customers Nordic skiing and alpine climbing.

One of the defining differences between Jans and other outdoor specialty shops in a resort is that, although we have our share of youth and enthusiasm, the Jans staff includes many long-time experts in the industry. When you’re looking for expertise that transcends what’s written in a manufacturer’s catalog, visit the experts at Jans or check out jans.com. You will often find that many of the products featured in these catalogs were also developed with the help of Jans experts!

Another video of me heli-guiding in Alaska on Jan’s mounted ski and Jan’s perforated boots:

If I need equipment, rental, advice or guidance, I go to Jan’s.

It’s really essential for me to have a store that I can count on and I can’t stress enough the pleasure of walking into a store full of good people and discovering the latest and greatest equipment.

Half the time I spent at Jan’s I was just looking for gear, asking questions, and hanging around.

Thanks Jan’s.

Jan’s ski repair and assembly area. image: snow brains
Ski templates and all. image: snow brains

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