How many episodes will ‘Chicago Med’ season 7 have? No more long breaks for medical drama

2020 saw the entertainment world come to an abrupt halt, but as the pandemic situation improved, 2021 brought relief as we saw the slow but steady return of our beloved shows.

NBC was one of those channels that took a hit and many of its shows had to go on hiatus, one of the biggest being the One Chicago franchise which consists of ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Chicago PD’ and “Chicago-Med”. The return of the Windy City medical drama was celebrated, but fans had to take a break to tune in to the gripping, fast-paced show that heralded a step back now due to the Olympics broadcast from beloved winter. As they all eagerly await its return, here’s some good news on how many more episodes fans can look forward to!


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How many episodes does “Chicago Med” season 7 consist of?

For fans of the show who were treated to fewer episodes than usual in Season 6, there’s some big good news in store! Covid may have caused the previous season to only have 16 episodes due to many issues, but the current latest season will have 23 episodes aired! This number is much higher than the usual season which averages around 20 episodes. This news was confirmed by NBC head of programming Steve Kern, who broke the good news to Variety when asked about the schedule change due to the Beijing Winter Olympics TV broadcast. .

Explaining further, he said that the average length of different Chicago shows is 35 weeks for a season, which means there are 12 or 13 weeks that the channel has to schedule repeats for the shows to run. fit into the season, adding that he is more than happy to have a pre-emption that he knows will go well, namely the Winter Olympics.

“Chicago Med” typically runs in lesser episodes than “Chicago Fire” and PD, so the news about it being nearly on par with its episode numbers is a chance for fans of the medical drama to rejoice!

When does ‘Chicago Med’ season 7 return with new episodes?

“Chicago Med” is set to return on February 23, 2022, after the Winter Olympics conclude. The medical drama along with the other One Chicago shows will resume their normal timeslots and are expected to air with little to no interruptions or week-long breaks.

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