Governor Newsom announces $70 million in rewards for six new Homekey projects 4.13.22

Projects approved to deliver 232 housing units across the state upon completion

California Blueprint offers an additional $2 billion, for a total of $14 billion for homelessness, which will create 55,000 new housing and treatment windows in the coming years

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced $70 million in rewards for six new house key projects throughout California. When fully operational, the projects will provide 232 housing units for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

Since announcing Governor Newsom’s $2.75 billion extension house key last year, the state approved 55 projects that will create 3,195 homes for homeless Californians, for a total allocation of more than $900 million.

house key is proof that we can solve homelessness,” Governor Newsom said. “We have rapidly created safer places to live for thousands of homeless people over the past two years and today’s prices continue that progress – creating 232 housing units for homeless people across the State and providing them with the support services they need.”

The Governor’s multi-billion dollar housing investments for the homeless will provide more than 55,000 new homes and treatment windows in the coming years. Building on last year’s historic $12 billion investment to help get the most vulnerable people off the streets, the California Blueprint proposes an additional $2 billion investment in housing and behavioral health rehousing, creating a total package of $14 billion to address the homelessness crisis.

“Governor Newsom has repeatedly said that homelessness is a crisis that demands quick action – action over months, not years, and that we need to take a whole-of-government approach at the government level. State,” said California Business, Secretary of the Consumer Services and Housing Agency Lourdes Castro Ramírez. “We are committed to focused, action-oriented coordination and alignment that drives measurable progress – that’s what house key is all about. Thanks to this commitment, another 232 houses are on the way for families and individuals in need.

“It’s encouraging to see so many great house key projects proposed by our local partners,” said the Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development, Gustavo Velasquez. “Our staff continues to work diligently to review numerous claims and provide assistance to jurisdictions so that we can help those in need in every corner of the state. This is the coordination we need to get out of this homelessness crisis.

Today’s awards include the following projects:

  • The city of Berkeley will receive $16.2 million to acquire and refurbish the Golden Bear Inn. The project is a 44-unit hotel acquisition with 43 permanent supportive housing studios for people experiencing homelessness, as well as a studio manager’s unit. The property consists of two buildings on a 37,000 square foot site on San Pablo Avenue. On-site facilities will include a counseling space, a community room and a dining room. Off-site amenities, located within half a mile of the project, include a grocery store, health facility, library, pharmacy, and access to public transit.

  • The town of Arcata will receive $14.1 million for a permanent supportive housing project of 60 motel units. The property is located less than a block from public transportation and AHP has a fleet of vehicles including minivans and wheelchair accessible vehicles that will be available. On-site support services will include day-to-day case management, education and employment services, budgeting, community involvement, housing maintenance, family ties and benefit applications. Off-site amenities include a bus stop, medical and dental office, and a strip mall that includes a grocery store, several restaurants, and retail stores.

  • Santa Barbara County Housing Authority will receive nearly $19 million to acquire and rehabilitate a 61-unit motel in central Goleta as permanent, supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness, chronic homelessness, and homeless or at-risk youth risk of homelessness. The project will provide comprehensive on-site support services and ample space for indoor and outdoor community services.

  • Yurok Indian Housing Authority received $2.2 million for the Yurok Homeless Housing Klamath Glen Project, a project to acquire and rehabilitate 10 motels to house people at risk of homelessness and homeless people. The project will provide permanent housing and resident support services, ranging from behavioral health to employment readiness. The units will be furnished and equipped with a kitchenette, and the site will include an office, laundry room and on-site storage. The project is located near a public transport stop.

  • Los Angeles County obtained $5.5 million to purchase a project that proposes the acquisition and rehabilitation of a 20-room hotel. This project will provide transitional housing for homeless families while providing comprehensive support services.

  • Los Angeles County will receive $12.9 million for the Sierra Highway Hotel project. The project converts two adjacent motels into temporary housing in the Lancaster community of Los Angeles. The two motels will be converted into 38 units for people experiencing homelessness and chronic homelessness, and support services space. The motels are in good enough condition to be refurbished and put into service within eight months of the house key award.

Additional house key rewards will be announced in the coming weeks. Completed applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted or until May 2, 2022, whichever comes first. For more information, please visit the house key Web page. The Department of Housing and Community Development also created the house key Rewards dashboard where Californians can follow house key Project rewards by total dollars, project type, advancement, and region. The dashboard is updated in real time as additional projects are approved.

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