Good Will offers back-to-school shopping tips this fall


‘Back to School’ has a whole new meaning after a year and a half of home and hybrid learning, and as schools prepare for the in-person school year 2021-2022, families around the world will begin their journey. back to school. go shopping very soon, if they haven’t already. That’s why Goodwill of the Finger Lakes reminds local families that this is an option for all back-to-school shopping needs, including clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies. and more, all for a greater mission.

“We read in the news that experts are predicting school supply shortages and price increases in the weeks leading up to the first day of school for families,” said Vice President of Community Engagement Jennifer Boutte. “When you think of back-to-school shopping, you might not think of Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, but we have clothes, lunch boxes, shoes, school supplies and backpacks in all of our stores. – and for offers. I can’t promise that we won’t be selling backpacks and gadgets, but we have a lot of clothing for kids of all ages and sizes. (And for teachers!) All profits from purchases in Goodwill stores are also reinvested in our programming and our mission.

Goodwill leaders recommend shopping early. Start now! Set a budget and stick to it, and shop at Goodwill to have a bigger impact on your larger community, rather than shopping at national retailers and big names.

“We’ve all spent more time than we’d like to admit in our pajamas over the past year or so,” said Sarah Pavia, marketing manager and in-house stylist at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes. “As we get up and get ready for school, it’s a fun time to try out a new style and wear what makes us most comfortable and confident, and not just because it’s is the “popular” look of the season. You can find awesome stuff at Goodwill, and we hope this reminds families and shoppers to give us a chance with their back-to-school shopping.

Shopping at Goodwill also supports sustainability and shoppers can know they are helping the planet by diverting items from landfills.

Local store opening hours are available at Buyers can also find back-to-school items at, an online auction site operated by Goodwill, including popular items like calculators, musical instruments, sports equipment and more including they will need for the next school year.

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