Giants looking to trade 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney: report

Kadarius Toney in helmet and white jersey close up

It looks like another Giants first-round pick could leave town much sooner than expected.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports that the Giants are looking to trade a wide receiver Kadarius Toneythe team’s first-round selection in last year’s draft.

According to the Daily News, Toney’s commitment to the team was called into question during his rookie season, and there was “internal momentum” to drop out of the first round in his first professional season.

At this year’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis, GM Joe Schoen seemed very attached to Toney, the 20th pick in last year’s draft.

“I don’t think Kadarius is a tradable coin,” Schoen said. “He’s a good young player who our coaches really appreciate.”

If the Giants are actively trying to trade Toney, it doesn’t seem to be widely known in the NFL. A team executive who hadn’t spoken directly to the Toney Giants said he heard from his league contacts that the receiver was available, but “it sounds more like they’re listening than they’re buying” — at least for the moment. Another NFL source compared it to when Schoen said he was ‘open’ to trade Saquon Barkley – that everyone is available at the right price.

What’s unclear, however, is whether the Giants could get a good price for Toney. Estimates of his trade value from multiple NFL sources were all over the map, with the highest guess being a third-round pick. The advantage of trading for Toney is that he has massive talent and has three years left on his very affordable rookie contract.

The downside is that, if the Giants trade him, they’re willing to give up this affordable talent — and it’s no mystery why.

“(The Giants) couldn’t get a third-round pick for Saquon, who’s a great guy and an elite talent who’s shown what he can do in the league,” the league executive said. NFL. “This kid has injuries and an attitude and a (big) game on his resume.”

An NFL scout added, “If I suggest to my general manager that we should trade for this guy, the first thing he’ll ask is ‘Why are they giving up on him? What do they know that we don’t? »

The move certainly wouldn’t be based on Toney’s talent. And it wouldn’t be because of the Giants’ salary cap mess, because trading Toney before June 1 would actually cost the Giants more than $2 million in cap space. It would be because of other issues and the belief that he doesn’t fit into their program.

And if it’s that important to them to get rid of him, they might end up having to do it for a Day 3 draft pick. That’s barely near good value for a player who was picked 20th. overall in the NFL Draft just a year ago.

After a rollercoaster rookie season, Toney certainly didn’t help matters by not showing up for the team’s voluntary practices this week, a curious decision to say the least.

When Toney was able to enter the field as a rookie (he missed time with a plethora of injuries and two positive COVID tests), he proved he could be an electric playmaker, as he caught 39 passing for 420 yards in 10 games, averaging 10.8 yards per catch.

If Toney is indeed traded, he will join a growing list of Giants first-round picks who have not signed a second contract with the team, including Deandre Baker, Evan Engram, Eli Appleand Flowers of Ereckwhile the jury is still out on Barkley (currently on his fifth year option) and Daniel Jones (whose fifth year option has not yet been chosen).

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