Furlani Foods unveils dynamic new branding for its entire Furlani™ portfolio and inspiring new website

For 40 years, the Furlani brand has been offering cheerful dishes to enjoy with the family. The brand’s bright new look and redesigned brand elements include an updated wordmark, inspired by the vibrant energy behind meals with garlic bread. This new look offers an expressive halo of warm orange and gold colors that nod to the optimistic, family-oriented and comforting brand that is Furlani.

A dynamic new “Family Faves” identity creates a bold and distinctive visual impact on the shelf, while conveying the brand’s belief that a meal with Furlani is the catalyst for family friendliness. In addition to the wordmark, this expressive new packaging affirms better shopper ability, greater appetite, flavor selection, meaningful product attributes, fast preparation time, and key ingredient differentiators sought after by consumers. consumers. Fashion-forward food photography is used prominently in the updated design to amplify the rich, flavorful taste experience for which Furlani is best known. Serving suggestions and recipe ideas are also accessible with a new QR code that appears on the back panel of each package.

“We’ve always been passionate and driven to turn everyday meals into memorable experiences that everyone can enjoy together,” says Jackie Brenkel, Marketing Manager at Furlani Foods. “This evolved branding communicates what makes the Furlani brand special – an unwavering commitment to providing consumers with the highest quality, delicious products, while catering to meal makers whose primary goal is to see all world having fun together over a good meal. The new look has been validated by extensive consumer research, proven to be eye-catching, memorable, clear in communicating the benefits, as well as preferred by our retail customers, the loyal consumers and brand new buyers.” Consumers value Furlani garlic bread products because they know that buying the best quality products means eating the best tasting products.

Thanks to Furlani Foods partner agencies in Davis (davis.agency), this new integrated approach highlights the brand’s passionate new outlook that portrays an unconventional aesthetic not found in the category today. “The aroma of garlic bread is the silent dinner bell that brings the family to the table. It’s a fun product and should look and behave like it does,” says Vania Campagnarogroup account manager at Davis.

This exciting new look will soon hit shelves in the US and comes with a new website, which better reflects the brand and the needs of today’s consumer.

Garlic Furlani Texas toast, breads, rolls, breadsticks, bread knots, and cookies are available in the frozen aisle of grocery stores in the United States. For tasty inspiration, please visit furlanifoods.comor follow Furlani on Facebook, pinterest and instagram.

Furlani Foods

For decades, Furlani Foods has combined a rich heritage of making high quality, specialty garlic bread products with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have always been passionate and driven to turn everyday meals into memorable experiences that everyone can enjoy together. The Company operates from three state-of-the-art baking facilities located in Oak Creek, Wis.As good as inside Ontario, Canada. We manufacture and distribute branded and private label products to North America leading retailers and food service operators.

Our success lies in our focus and our team of bakers, product developers and operators, who bring together a passion for perfection.

For more information, please contact:

Jackie Brekel
Marketing Manager, North America
t. 1.905.602.6102 ext. 247
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