Flipkart sellers explain how Big Billion Days sale is paving the way for exponential growth


Basniwal Trading Company, the office of a Jaipur-based garment manufacturing company, is buzzing with packing and shipping hundreds of dupatta orders they are receiving as part of the ongoing Big Billion Days sale. by Flipkart. The scene is no different for New Delhi-based Adokart Online Services, an online retail company that sells men’s t-shirts and masks.

Bigger. Better. Busier

founder of Adokart Robin kumar says, “This is the second time I am participating in Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale. The first time I participated in 2019, I didn’t realize the extent of the opportunity the sale offered and we were out of stock in no time. Last year, we were unable to participate due to difficulties in the supply of raw materials due to the pandemic. That’s why we worked backwards and prepared for this year’s sale. He says the company expects to record revenue of Rs 4-5 lakh during the week’s sale. The company has added two more members to the team to manage the increase in order volumes and ensure that orders are dispatched almost instantly. “We start our day early in the morning and work until late at night. When orders start to arrive, we immediately start packing the products and shipping all orders by noon. We then give the products to the Flipkart wishmasters who come to collect the products, ”he shares.

For Basniwal Trading Company of Dinesh Kumawat, the Big Billion Days sale is a crucial time of the year. The online seller receives 10 times more orders per day compared to working days. This year he expects to earn Rs 60-70 lakh in income during the sales period. In addition, he introduced new designs of dupattas, the company’s flagship product. “As a manufacturer, I plan strategically and work on new product launches just one day before the Big Billion Days sale. By introducing new variations in the products, whether in terms of color, design or material, we are able to attract the attention of consumers. And, since there are a lot of cultural festivities in October and November and the dupattas are part of the traditional ensemble, we are able to capture customer demand, ”he says. Flipkart Big Billion Days 2021 is Dinesh’s fourth year of participation. Like Robin, his first sales experience in 2018 was that he was out of stock. “Although I heard from other sellers, I still expected my products to run out,” he shares. The following year, he had prepared to meet the festive demand. “We were getting around 500 orders a day. Last year the order volume soared to 800-1200 per day. This year, we are anticipating between 1,000 and 1,400 orders per day, ”he says.

Path to become a salesperson on Flipkart

The two entrepreneurs decided to become online sellers on Flipkart when they found themselves at a crossroads in their professional journey. A job in marketing has enabled Dinesh to earn 10,000 rupees per month. Dissatisfied with the financial growth that the job offered, he decided to start an online business. He was encouraged by his friend, who was a seller on Flipkart, to join the platform. “I took the advice and started selling casual shirts on Flipkart in 2017. Seeing the demand for dupattas, I opted for this product category. With the constant growth, I was not only selling the dupattas but also making them. Today, 32-year-old Dinesh earns more than one lakh of rupees per month, which he says is an important personal milestone for him and his family. And, with the company’s income through the platform, he took it to the next level by buying a home.

The story is not much different for Robin, 35. Like most Indian families, Robin’s parents wanted their son to work in the IT industry. After completing his Masters in Computer Applications and securing a job in an IT company, Robin made his family’s cherished dream come true. “But, even after working for the company for three years, I didn’t see room for growth,” he shares. Resigning soon after, he found it difficult to find a good job with a downturn in the job market. It was at this crucial moment that he decided to start selling online. “Selling online didn’t require a big capital investment. It was a big draw for me. And I decided to start my journey as an online seller on Flipkart, ”he recalls. Robin shares that it changed the trajectory of her life. “Until I started selling online on Flipkart, I wasn’t able to achieve the level of success or income like I do now. I was not only able to start an online business, but also set up my own factory and get into clothing manufacturing, ”he says.

A well-designed support system

As first generation entrepreneurs, one of the reasons for their success as sellers on Flipkart was the support they received from the platform, especially at critical times in their business. Dinesh shares, “When I first started selling on Flipkart, I wasn’t very clear on how to categorize my products and make them more visible and appealing to my customers. The account managers on Flipkart taught me how to bundle my products so that the product differentiation is noticeable to customers. He adds that the e-commerce platform also helped him identify the competitors and how Basniwal Trading Company could identify market gaps and translate them into opportunities. “This support has helped us launch new products such as dupattas with golden zari at a low price, which has helped meet customer demands,” he says.

Dinesh and Robin emphasize that Flipkart provides a seamless experience that supports their growth and understanding their weak spots. “From website cataloging to delivery service, Flipkart has it all. In addition, logistics are no longer a challenge with Ekart, ”Robin shares. Dinesh adds, “Flipkart gives personal attention to sellers. Whether it’s letting you know your products are out of stock or constantly guiding you to better deals, the Flipkart experience stands out. As a Flipkart seller, you start to grow, become successful, and take pride in what you do.

The 2021 edition of the Big Billion Days sale will see more than 375,000 vendors like Dinesh and Robin participate in the event and increase their growth.

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