Entenmann’s full-size bakery packaging will look different due to Hurricane Ida


The next time you buy Entenmann’s full-size baked goods, you might notice that the packaging is a little different.

The clear cellophane window on the box that gives you a glimpse of donuts, cookies or cakes inside has been temporarily replaced with a photo of what’s inside and, the bakery said, some of their Danish will be in transparent packaging.

Entenmann said the change is attributed to – Hurricane Ida.

“On September 1, a dam erupted near the Valley Forge, Pa., Facility that produces Entenmann’s packaging, severely flooding the facility.

The event destroyed 5,000 tonnes of packaging stock and caused critical damage to the machines that produce the cartons and boxes. The emergency severely impacted Entenmann’s entire supply chain – from the bakeries that produce the sweet baked goods to those that deliver them fresh to retailers every day – and caused a brief disruption in the supply chain. product availability.

Jason Amar, director of marketing at Entenmann’s, Bimbo Bakeries USA, said changing the packaging and using shells was “the fastest way to get products back on the shelf.”

“Rest assured the products haven’t changed,” Amar said. “Your delicious favorites taste the same, and the modified packaging will have no impact on freshness or quality. “

The changed packaging will hit shelves from this week and will last until at least the end of 2021.

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