Casper’s new collection will bring the comfort of your bed everywhere

These days, it’s virtually impossible to envision a good night’s sleep without thinking about caspar. The direct-to-consumer brand has single-handedly revolutionized the mattress shopping process by offering a model that’s easy to ship and fits everyone without the sticker shock. (What now? Economy boxed mattresses are allor. Indeed, according to a Good Housekeeping survey, Casper is the most purchased online mattress brand.) Although Casper has since expanded to pillows, sheets and frames, the company extends comfort beyond the bedroom with its new Snoozewear collection.

For this latest launch, Casper has infused the best elements of its bedding essentials into the garments. (The collection is a wearable version of your favorite nighttime essentials, if you will.)

“Our Snoozewear collection was influenced by Casper’s cozy duvets and carefully crafted to take the comfort of your bed with you throughout your home,” says Liz Boscacci, Director of Product Development at Casper. “Each piece offers functionality, versatility, and a comfortable aesthetic. Leveraging insights from Casper Labs, our award-winning R&D team, and our community of users, we’ve designed this collection to feature luxurious comfort and performance that promotes rest. and encourage self-care and well-being.”

Currently, the Snoozewear collection features three dream-worthy (and gender-neutral) pieces. First up are Casper’s Snoozewear slippers, which feature a super-soft foam sole that will hold up well over time, while still making you feel like you’re walking on a plush mattress. (The classic slip-on styling and microsuede exterior looks as good as it feels.) Want to score some peace and quiet? the Snoozewear sleep mask uses a wide band to block sound and noise, plus lightweight, breathable materials provide pressure-free comfort.

But if you really want to take the comfort of your mattress beyond the bedroom, add the Snoozewear bathrobe to your cart. Made with a quilt-like design and insulated poly fill, this option is essentially a wearable blanket. It’ll keep you warm on chilly mornings and lazy days on the couch, but the roomy armholes allow you to wear this layer as a sweater or jacket. (Bonus points: it has pockets, so you’ll have somewhere to put your phone or remote.)

The best of all? In true Casper fashion, all three Snoozewear essentials are available for under $200. No matter which piece (or pieces) piques your interest, Casper’s latest drop is here to make your time at home and away from your bed considerably more comfortable.

“Our goal is to continue to explore all avenues of sleep and develop new innovations to help awaken the potential of a well-rested world,” Boscacci shares.

Mission accomplished.

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