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Yes, sex toys are on sale for Black Friday, and yes, it looks awesome. Here are some of the favorite November 5th finds to start shopping:

National Sex Toy Day may have passed (ahem) and gone again, but that doesn’t mean you finally missed out on grabbing that pricey vibrator on sale.

Like any other product under the sun, sex toys get big markdowns on Black Friday. And like every other retailer trying to tackle supply chain shortages, the manufacturers and sellers of your favorite dildos, sleeves, vibrators, and suction cup toys began sales earlier this year.


The best Black Friday deals for 2021, in one place

If you already own sex toys, we doubt you need a lot more encouragement to scroll down and check out the offers below. If you’re new to the game, first of all welcome, and second, do you have a moment to explain why sex toys are the best?

On the one hand, they can really help you learn more about what you like and being able to please yourself is really empowering. Thanks to their vibrating and pulsating powers, sex toys can provide you with sensations during masturbation that are literally impossible to experience otherwise. And once you learn more about what you like, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be a great way to explore with a partner. (By the way, if you’re nervous about bringing up this conversation with a partner, you’re not alone – we’ve got a how-to guide for you).

So, to recap, they can make sex with yourself feel better, sex with other people feel better, and generally just be a really sweet way to explore your desire. That’s why we try to get you the best deals possible on all kinds of toys, and why we’ll update this article throughout the shopping season as sales increase.

Credit: Lovehoney

Why we love it

A bullet vibration is a nice addition to any sex toy collection. They are easy to store, easy to use and do not get in the way during sex. While this Lovehoney looks pretty standard, it comes with 20 different speeds and vibration patterns, all controlled by a single button. When the battery is low, just plug in its USB charger – no battery is needed.

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glass dildo with blue details

Credit: Adam & Eve

Why we love it

A dildo is a classic sex toy, but make no mistake – the bumps, ridges and textures of this glass allow for many creative uses. Since it’s made of glass (shatterproof, hypoallergenic), you can heat or cool it for a fun temperature play, and its two tips provide different types of G-spot or prostate stimulation. That’s a decent amount of versatility for a dildo.

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hand holding womanizer bounty

Credit: Womanizer

Why we love it

If you’re a fan of sucking toys, this choice probably won’t surprise you – Womanizer tops the list when it comes to the toy that uses air pressure to deliver targeted pleasure. So what makes it so awesome? When fully charged, you get two full hours of playtime with 12 different intensity levels. The controls are simple, it’s comfortable to hold, it’s completely waterproof, and it comes with a travel pouch. It costs a bit more, but it definitely works. Be sure to use the promo code FALL60 on the Womanizer or any other Ella Paradis toy to benefit from your discount.

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luna vibrator

Credit: Luna

Why we love it

Every person deserves a waterproof, rechargeable vibrator without having to pay the price of a waterproof, rechargeable vibrator. Take part in this sale on the Luna rechargeable silicone vibrator. With a button to adjust all three intensity levels and seven vibration patterns, the Luna doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does give you a pretty solid vibrator for an impressive price. The only downside is that a 2.5 hour charge only gives 30 minutes of use on high and 1.5 hours on low, but hey, find your favorite model and intensity, and you might not have not need very long.

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Lelo sex toy offers

a lelo ina pink and white wave 2 in water with lemons

Credit: Lelo

Why we love it

It’s not your average bunny vibe. In fact, our cultural journalist Jess Joho calls it “the best bunny vibrators have to offer.” What makes the difference? Ina’s WaveMotion technology allows the inner part of that vibration to perform that good ‘come here’ movement which is quite pleasant when it comes to stimulating the G-spot. Pair that with the external vibrations and you get a O quite satisfactory.

Check out the official Mashable review on the Lelo Ina Wave 2.

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person lying down holding vibrator and reading information card

Credit: MysteryVibe

Why we love it

It’s a foldable vibrator – what more can we say? However you plan to experience it, the answer is yes. It’s waterproof, bluetooth enabled, has six different vibrating motors, and can run for up to two hours. Enjoy!

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