Boris Johnson live news: Starmer says PM “takes people for fools”

Boris Johnson denies breaking Covid rules with Christmas party No.10

Sir Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of ‘taking people for fools’ amid reports 10 Downing Street hosted several Christmas parties last year while indoor mixing was banned under covid restrictions .

Next to a Daily Mirror According to a report indicating that between 40 and 50 people attended a party at No 10 where staff drank and celebrated late at night, the Labor leader wrote on Twitter: “Boris Johnson threw several parties when the country was locked out over Christmas.

“Yesterday, he said it was in the rules. He takes people for fools. It is one rule for the Conservatives and another for everyone.

Government ministers and No 10 spokespersons insisted that all staff “follow directions.”

Asked about public frustration over reports of the Christmas party, Business Secretary George Freeman said ITV Good Morning Britain: “I fully understand that people across the country expect that when we make sacrifices we all make them. “

He added: “I cannot know who was or was not in the room and who was drinking which cocktail. You will understand that I was not there.

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Minister to host Christmas party on Zoom

Business Secretary George Freeman took a noticeably different tone from Health Secretary Sajid Javid, revealing he would host his staff’s Christmas party via Zoom.

Mr Freeman also appeared out of step with Boris Johnson’s advice just days ago, urging people not to cancel Christmas parties or nurseries.

Earlier he said Radio schedules: “The business department, we won’t have a big Christmas party this year, no one would expect. My parliamentary team, I think we agree, probably given that the new variant will meet on Zoom and give each other a toast. He admitted that the remote meeting wouldn’t be the “best party in the world.”

Minister said big companies could revisit their plans for the Christmas holidays (PA)

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Matt Hancock admits he ‘blew up every part of his life’ when CCTV showed him an assistant kissing

Matt Hancock admitted he ‘blew up every part’ of his life when he resigned from cabinet after CCTV footage showed him breaking social distancing rules with an assistant in his Whitehall office .

The former health secretary also defended his decision not to quit immediately after footage – showing him kissing and kissing his assistant, Gina Coladangelo – emerged in June, saying he had initially focused on his “personal life”.

At the time, Mr Hancock, who quit his post more than 24 hours after The Sun newspaper published the CCTV footage, repeatedly urged the public not to kiss those with whom they did not share a outbreak to control the spread of Covid-19.

Our political correspondent Ashley Cowburn has the full report below:

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Fears over Christmas wine and spirits supply downplayed by government

Fears over the wine and spirits supply crisis plaguing the Christmas celebrations have been played down by the government.

Labor warned of “significant delays” in deliveries given the shortage of truck drivers and urged ministers to clarify how many of the 5,000 temporary visas had been issued to non-UK drivers.

After Trade Secretary Ranil Jayawardena said he “was not going to provide a running commentary on the numbers”, he was forced to supply alcohol to the UK.

Shadow Trade Minister Bill Esterson said he was “extraordinary”. five times longer than last year – and increases in transportation costs as well; no doubt this will not affect the downing street parties.

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Ministers continue to defend Boris Johnson over claims of Christmas party rules violations

Staff No. 10 “followed instructions,” according to Business Secretary George Freeman.

When asked whether Boris Johnson acted “responsibly” in allegedly allowing a social event to be held in Downing Street last year, Mr Freeman told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “Look, I wasn’t there, I’ve been in government for six weeks – I was a long way from No. 10 a year ago.

“I can absolutely assure you that Staff # 10 followed the instructions.

“I can’t tell you who was in the room or what happened – I wasn’t there – but I checked before going upstairs and was told very clearly that the instructions were followed. “

After learning that there was public frustration with the news, given that many people could not see their loved ones around this time last year, Mr Freeman said: “I fully understand that people in across the country expect that when we make sacrifices, we all make them. “

He added: “I cannot know who was or was not in the room and who was drinking which cocktail. You will understand that I was not there.

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ICYMI: UK purchases 114 million more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over omicron concerns

The government has rushed to purchase an additional 114 million Covid vaccines as scientists await data regarding the true impact of the latest variant, Sajid Javid said.

While the deals were already on the table, the health secretary said ministers had speeded up the signing process due to the emergence of omicron.

The deal – which involves 60 million more Moderna vaccines and 54 million Pfizer-BioNTech doses delivered next year and into 2023 – will also give Britain access to any modified vaccines if they are needed to fight omicron or any subsequent new variant.

Our reporter Sam hancock has the full report below:

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Boris Johnson condemns racism as video emerges of ‘anti-Semitic’ abuse of Jewish teens

Boris Johnson has condemned racism following the emergence of images that appear to show a group of men spitting and cursing Jewish teenagers celebrating the first night of Hanukkah on a bus in Oxford Street.

Sharing the video posted by the Jewish Chronicle, Boris Johnson said: “These are disturbing images. Racism of any kind will never be tolerated in our society and we will continue to do all we can to eradicate it.

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Matt Hancock urged to ‘set the record straight’ on pub owner’s NHS covid deal

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has faced further questions about the involvement of the former owner of his local pub in a multi-million pound coronavirus contract.

Mr Hancock, who left the front bench after breaking social distancing guidelines by kissing a colleague, protested his innocence on Wednesday when Labor pressed the issue.

The Tory MP told the opposition “no matter how hard they search or how hard they dig” they will only find “a lot of people are working hard to save lives”.

Read the full story below:

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“I had exploded every part of my life”: Matt Hancock speaks on the kissing scandal

Matt Hancock said he did not quit immediately after images emerged of him kissing his close collaborator (and therefore violating social distancing guidelines) as his primary focus was on his “personal life.”

Speaking on ITV Peston Program, he said: “The first thing I focused on was my personal life.”

“I had blown up every part of my life and focused on my personal life first, as you can probably imagine,” he said. ITV Peston schedules in his first major interview since resigning from government.

Mr Hancock, who is still the MP for West Suffolk, apologized for letting people down but insisting he was in no rush to return to cabinet.

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Downing Street staff ‘repeatedly held banned Christmas lockdown parties’

According to the latest reports, several Christmas parties were held in Downing Street while indoor mixing was banned under covid rules.

Boris Johnson on Wednesday refused to deny that a big party took place at No 10 in late December – breaking regulations. But there are now new allegations that staff have gathered several times after work to drink alcohol and play board games in their offices, despite rules prohibiting mixing between household bubbles.

The Daily Mirror The newspaper reports that on December 18, around 40 people drank and celebrated late into the night. Food, board games and alcohol were all reportedly available at the rally, according to the BBC – whose source called the mood “pessimistic.”

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‘He takes people for fools’: Keir Starmer slams Boris Johnson over Christmas party lockdown allegations

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer spoke out against Boris Johnson and the Tories amid claims 10 Downing Street hosted a number of Christmas parties last year while indoor mixing was banned under restrictions from covid.

“Boris Johnson threw several parties when the country was locked out over Christmas. Yesterday he said it was okay, ”Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter.

“He takes people for fools. It is one rule for the Conservatives and another for everyone.

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