Being good for the environment is also good for your mental health

From conscious shopping to reusing plastic, buying second-hand or using a compost bin, Britons take an average of six actions a week that reduce their impact on the environment.

While so many of us are trying to be more environmentally conscious, 66% of Britons find that taking action to reduce their impact on the environment puts them in a good mood.

The new study, conducted by homecare brand Ecover, also found that one in two people (53%) are happy to bring a ‘bag for life’ to stores and a third (32% ) feels the same way when she opts for a reusable cloth over a single-use wipe.

Top 10 eco-friendly activities that put Brits in a good mood:

1. Shopping with a reusable bag 53%

2. Turn off lights when not in use 52%

3. Reuse leftover food 45%

4. Wash plastic containers and recycle them 45%

5. Turn things off at the outlet when not in use 40%

6 . Use a reusable water bottle 39%

7. Turn down the heat/use the heat less often 38%

8. Wash plastic wrappers/bottles for reuse 37%

9. Ride a bike or walk instead of driving somewhere 37%

10. Wash clothes at 30 degrees 34%

One in two people (52%) feel guilty about the amount of single-use plastic they use, with each household disposing of an average of 7.4 plastic bottles per week, the equivalent of 385 per household per week. year – all contributing to the 300 million tonnes of plastic thrown away each year.

However, there is a desire for change, as one in five (19%) want to prioritize stocking their produce and pantry, saying they feel guilty or embarrassed by the amount of plastic found in its recycling bin.

In addition, almost half of Britons (41%) think the government should do more to make refilling as accessible as recycling, with two-fifths (38%) already making an effort to visit zero waste stores to refill the pre-packages they own, when they can.

The study also found that a general lack of knowledge or confusion is a real barrier to recycling, as more than half of Britons (51%) don’t know what can and cannot be recycled, leading to feeling embarrassed (19%) and ashamed (18%) when putting the wrong items in the recycling bin.

Ecover has been supporting the war to reduce plastic waste for decades. This year, the brand is on a mission to inspire the nation to join Refillution, wage war on plastic waste, and embrace a refill lifestyle – starting with their household products.

Tom Domen, Ecover’s Global Head of Long-Term Innovation, said: “A small change can make a big difference. The simple act of filling a plastic bottle can do you good, while reducing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill. That’s why we invite you to choose reuse and join Refillution by opting for refillable and reusable household products whose packaging you can reuse again and again.

Charging stations are becoming more common across the country and a simple search will tell you where your local store is. By the end of 2022, our goal is to help people refill their Ecover bottles over three million times in the UK, which would equate to one refill every 10 seconds. Remember that plastic can last a lifetime, so let’s all put it to work.

Showing a real desire to embrace a more refill-focused lifestyle, it appears half (53%) of Britons would use refill shops more if they had one closer to home. Similarly, more charging stations in mainstream supermarkets would see nearly two-thirds of us (62%) more likely to embrace reuse.

To learn more about the benefits of refilling, head to The Ecover Refillery – a repurposed gas station fighting plastic waste with refills. Launched in partnership with Camilla Thurlow, the Ecover Refillery is open to the public for two days only on March 23 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and March 24 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 69 Borough Road London. Bring your own empty Ecover (or similar bottle) to get your free refills

Find your local charging station here:

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