Battlefield 2042 sales are off to a good start

Despite all the negativity, an insider is sharing data suggesting that Battlefield 2042 sold an impressive number of units in its first week.

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There was a huge hype before the release of Battlefield 2042. Before its launch, some might have expected Battlefield 2042 dominate the rest of the year and beat Call of Duty: The Vanguard as good as Infinite halo as the go-to FPS for this holiday season.

However, since its release last month, the latest entry into the Battlefield the series made the news for all the wrong reasons. Battlefield 2042 is considered one of the most disappointing games of the year and it quickly became one of the lowest rated titles on Steam. Players have reported all kinds of issues with the game, including many bugs and missing features. Despite this, it seems that Battlefield 2042 sold an impressive number of copies in its first week, though a famous Battlefield leak is to be believed.


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Insider Tom Henderson Says That Battlefield 2042 sold around 4.23 million units in its first week, just under Battlefield 3 which reached 4.68 million in the same time frame. It’s unclear exactly where this data comes from, so fans should treat it with a grain of salt. Henderson also lists Week 1 sales numbers for the other games in the series. Battlefield 4 next comes with 2.59 million, with Hard line also reaching a figure of 1.48 million units.

Battlefield: bad company is ranked last with 0.44 million, although the franchise was not as popular at the time. Bad company Also only released for PS3 and Xbox 360, but fans on PC got to play its sequel Bad company 2. These sales figures listed for Battlefield 2042 It might not surprise anyone who followed the hype before it launched. All of the pre-release trailers were awesome, and Battlefield 2042 probably owes its business success to the marketing team.

Word of mouth, however, plays a key role in the success of any game, especially one focused on multiplayer. If players stop buying Battlefield 2042 Due to the overwhelming negativity surrounding its release, the player base can start to shrink extremely quickly. Battlefield 2042 is also not a free title like Infinite halo, and needs new sales over an extended period in order to maintain a stable player base.

EA has already started making changes, most likely in response to Battlefield 2042, as he confirmed that Vince Zampella, director of Respawn Entertainment and DICE LA, will now be in charge of the Battlefield series. Fans were probably excited to hear this news, as Respawn’s latest games have all been well received.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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